Vraylar  - Uses - Dosages - Side Effects - Precautions

Vraylar : Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Vraylar?

Vraylar is a brand name for a drug called cariprazine, which is used to treat psychological-related disorders such as bipolar depression, bipolar mania, and schizophrenia. 

Vraylar belongs to the family of second-generation antipsychotics. It balances serotonin and dopamine and acts on the chemicals in the brain, thus improving the thinking, behaviour, and mood of patients. This medication is not recommended for older adult patients with dementia-related psychosis.

What are the uses of Vraylar?

Some of the uses of Vraylar are as follows: 

Vraylar is used to treat primarily mental conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar mental disorder and bipolar depression.

Some of the symptoms of schizophrenia include: 

  • Hallucinations 
  • Trouble in organising the thoughts
  • Lack of motivation and disorganised thinking. 
  • Delusions- Beliefs that are not true (e.g., assuming that other people are reading your thoughts).
  • Trouble in speaking clearly.

Less desire to be around people.

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What are the side effects of Vraylar?

Some of the common side effects of Vraylar include:

  • Chills
  • Blurred vision
  • Drooling
  • Headache
  • Inability to move the eyes
  • Problem to sit still
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of balance
  • Urge to keep moving
  • Stiffness of the limb
  • Trouble with speaking, swallowing and breathing
  • A slow or fast heartbeat
  • Nervousness

Some of the less common side effects include:

  • Bladder pain
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Increased thirst
  • Decreased urine output
  • Fast pounding or irregular heartbeat
  • Bloody or cloudy urine
  • Lower back or side pain
  • Muscle aches, pain or cramps
  • Nausea
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Seizure

Patients should take precautions while taking this medication, especially elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis. As patients on psychotic drugs are suicide-prone, they should be monitored closely while taking this medication. Patients with common side effects do not require medical attention but contact our experts in case of serious problems. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Vraylar

1. Is it better to take Vraylar in the morning or at night?

Vraylar may be taken at any time of the day. However, taking this medication during the daytime can help the patient counter certain side effects of this medicine. For patients with side effects of restlessness or restless legs, taking Vraylar in the morning can be helpful.

2. Can you drink coffee while taking a Vraylar?

Coffee contains caffeine that can interact with many psychotic drugs, such as antipsychotic drugs and sedative agents. These interactions can cause other side effects and hinder the treatment of the patient. Therefore, coffee must be avoided.

3. Does Vraylar keep you awake?

Vraylar does not keep you awake; however, it causes side effects such as sleepiness or drowsiness. Although the side effects may vary from patient to patient, it is advisable not to operate machinery or drive a vehicle while taking this medication until the side effects are confirmed.

4. Does Vraylar cause brain fog?

Several clinical studies have shown that the side effects of Vraylar are similar to brain fog syndrome, which include fatigue and sleeplessness. On the other hand, many studies have shown that brain fog is also a symptom of this medication.

5. Will Vraylar make you sleepy?

Sleepiness or drowsiness are some of the side effects of Vraylar. However, the side effects may vary from patient to patient. Therefore, the patient should not operate on any machinery or drive a vehicle while taking the medication until the side effects are confirmed.

6. Can Vraylar cause anger?

Vraylar, an antipsychotic drug, has some side effects. In some people, Vraylar can cause irritation, agitation and aggressive or abnormal behaviour. Similar to many antipsychotic drugs, Vraylar can make people have suicidal thoughts and increase the risk of developing depression. In simple words, yes, this medication can cause anger in some patients.

7. Can Vraylar cause liver damage?

Vraylar is a second-generation antipsychotic that has been used to treat manic, mixed episodes of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It has some side effects. An infrequent side effect of this medication is liver inflammation known as hepatitis. However, the occurrence of clinical liver injury is rare in patients taking Vraylar medication.

8. Can Vraylar cause panic attacks?

While on Vraylar, a notable change is seen in the mental health of adults above 24 years of age. Suicidal tendencies may occur at the beginning of Vraylar treatment. Other than these, depression can worsen and falling asleep can be difficult. Panic attacks and aggressive behaviour can also be observed in patients taking Vraylar medication.

9. Can Vraylar cause high blood pressure?

Vraylar, an antipsychotic drug, has some side effects as mentioned earlier. The severity and type of side effects vary from patient to patient. Some of the less common side effects include high blood pressure, seizure, abnormal liver functions, low levels of white blood cells, confusion, dizziness and fast pounding or irregular heartbeat.

10. Is Vraylar safe?

According to a clinical study report published in the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, Vraylar is usually safe, well-tolerated and administered in the dosage approved by the Food and Drug Administration for patients who have bipolar disorders such as bipolar depression, bipolar mania and schizophrenia.

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