Enzoflam - Uses - Dosages - Side Effects - Precautions

Enzoflam: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Enzoflam?

Enzoflam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It is used as a pain-relieving, fever-preventing, and anti-inflammatory medicine. It relieves mild to moderate pain short term. It is a combination medicine containing three components: diclofenac, paracetamol, and serratiopeptidase. Diclofenac acts as an anti-inflammatory component. The presence of paracetamol serves to reduce fever. Serratiopeptidase, an enzyme (obtained from silkworms), breaks down abnormal proteins at the region of inflammation, helps in active healing, and reduces pain.

What are the uses of Enzoflam?

Some uses and benefits of Enzoflam are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a common chronic inflammatory condition of joints and other body parts such as the eyes, heart, and lungs. Doctors prescribe Enzoflam to treat these severe conditions.
  • Enzoflam treats fever, swelling, redness, and other symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • It relieves mild migraines, joint pain, muscle pain, menstrual pain, and dental pain.
  • Enzoflam is also used to treat bursitis – a condition where patients experience severe joint pain due to inflammation of the bursae. These air-filled sacs are present between joints, bones, muscles, and tendons, which act as cushions.
  • Enzoflam is also used to treat edema (fluid retention).
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What are the side effects of Enzoflam?

You must take this medication as prescribed by the physician in the recommended dosage. However, some side effects of Enzoflam tablets include:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Dizziness.
  • Stomach problems such as indigestion, aches, bloating.
  • Constipation.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Heartburn.
  • Ulcers.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Swelling in the anal area.

Other serious side effects include anorexia, blood in urine, weakness, abdominal pain, skin rashes, severe allergies, and unusual bleeding. You must duly report any such discomfort to your doctor. They may change the prescribed dose after examining the side effects.

What is Enzoflam

Uses of Enzoflam

Side effects of Enzoflam


Frequently Asked Questions about Enzoflam

1. Is Enzoflam an antibiotic?

No, Enzoflam is not an antibiotic. It is a combination medicine mainly used to reduce pain and inflammation. Its components are diclofenac, paracetamol, and serratiopeptidase. Enzoflam does not have any antibacterial properties, so it is strictly a painkiller. It cannot substitute an antibiotic as both act in different ways.

2. Can an 8-year-old take Enzoflam?

Yes, Enzoflam can be taken by an eight-year-old but with a doctor's prescription. The doctor has to be informed if the child has a history of allergy to other inflammatory drugs. Care should be taken that the child should take Enzoflam with food; otherwise, it might cause gastrointestinal irritation. It should not be given to the child in combination with ibuprofen.

3. Can Enzoflam and Ultracet be taken together?

Yes, but only under the strict guidance of a physician. Although therapeutic duplication might seem a good option, the risks are more when compared to its benefits. Full implications of combining medicines are not known. Even if the doctor has prescribed both these medicines, they should be taken strictly per prescription.

4. Can Enzoflam cause blood vomit?

Yes, Enzoflam may cause blood vomit. It is known to irritate the stomach lining and stimulate the secretion of acids. In patients suffering from active, recurrent ulcers with a prior history of GI bleeding and active peptic ulcers, this medication must be taken under a doctor’s strict vigilance. Otherwise, it might aggravate the underlying condition and eventually lead to blood loss.

5. Is Enzoflam a pain killer?

Enzoflam is a painkiller used to reduce mild pain for short durations. It acts by blocking cyclooxygenase, an enzyme responsible for prostaglandin synthesis. Prostaglandin is the main chemical produced in large amounts in response to pain and injury. It is responsible for developing pain, swelling, and fever. The paracetamol in Enzoflam increases the pain threshold, thereby acting as a painkiller.

6. Is Enzoflam a steroid?

No, Enzoflam is not a steroid. It belongs to a class of drugs known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). It does not have steroidal properties and does not contain any corticosteroids. It has pain reduction, fever prevention, and anti-inflammatory formulations.

7. How long does it take for Enzoflam to work?

Enzoflam generally takes 15-30 minutes to act. However, it takes a day to bring about significant improvement in the patient's condition. Clinical studies confirm this claim.

8. How many Enzoflam doses can be taken in a day?

It is advisable to take drugs as prescribed by the doctor. However, more than three doses in a day are not recommended. If you miss a dose in the day, do not take the next two tablets in one go. This can cause liver toxicity. It is recommended to consume Enzoflam with food to avoid gastrointestinal tract irritation.

9. Can Enzoflam cause liver injury?

Enzoflam is not recommended for patients with a history of liver or kidney problems. Various studies show that diclofenac, one of its components, can trigger hepatorenal (liver and kidney) injury. Diclofenac causes a considerable rise in the quantities of creatinine and urea. It also impacts the activities of liver enzymes, which affects the bilirubin percentage. However, higher dosage levels have more significant adverse effects as compared to lower dosages.



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