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FAQs on Liver Transplant Surgery


  1. What is the success rate of Liver Transplant?
    The success rate of a Liver Transplantation is 75% to 89%.
  1. What are the advantages of a liver transplant?
    Liver transplant advantages are:
  1. Saves the lives of people with end-stage liver disease
  2. Reduce the risk of liver disease getting worse
  3. Helps to cure Wilson’s disease
  4. Helps to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic liver diseases
  5. Is it possible for a person with liver cancer to undergo a liver transplant?
    Yes, Liver Transplant is possible for liver cancer if the cancer has not spread to other surrounding tissues and blood vessels.
  1. Does liver transplant cure cirrhosis?
    Yes, a successful liver transplant will cure cirrhosis. A liver transplant is considered when complications of cirrhosis cannot be controlled by treatment.
  1. Does liver transplant cure Wilson’s disease?
    Liver transplantation can cure Wilson’s disease in patients with acute liver failure. If untreated, Wilson’s disease may increase the damage to the liver and brain. 
  1. How dangerous is a Liver Transplant for the donor?
    Living donor transplant is a more complex surgery. Some complications a live donor may face are bile leakage, infections, bleeding, etc.
  1. Is liver transplant considered as a major surgery?
    Yes , liver transplantation is a major surgery as it involves transplanting the liver to the patient from the donor. 
  1. Is Liver Transplant permanent?
    The liver transplant (hepatic transplant) may or may not be permanent depending upon the health condition of the patient. The individual may again develop the liver disease and can damage the transplanted liver too. Abstinence from alcohol and contact sports is important to prevent any damage to transplanted liver.
  1. Is Liver Transplant painful?
    During the surgery, you will not feel any pain as you will be sedated with anesthesia. But, after the Liver Transplant surgery, there is a mild to moderate pain and however it is generally not as severe as with other abdominal surgeries.


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