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Medical radiology and imaging technology are an irreplaceable component of modern diagnostic services. Yashoda Institute of Radiology and Imaging is a synergy of the advanced radio-imaging facilities, skilled radiologists and technicians, so as to offer, the referring doctors and the patients, an overall assessment of suspected diseases or anomalies.

Diagnostic imaging and radiology

Diagnostic radiologists make use of latest technological advances in radiation, magnetism, and sound waves to explore disease-causing structural changes or defects. Yashoda Institute of Radiology and Imaging supports physicians and surgeons across multidisciplinary institutes in Yashoda Hospitals with radiology and imaging diagnostics such as 3-Tesla MRI, 64 – slice CT, vascular doppler, ultrasonography, digital X-ray (roentgenography), 3D mammography, myelography and fluoroscopy.

The radiologists closely work with specialty clinicians to ensure all the required information is interpreted from the diagnostic data. Also, the team works together to reduce the possible risks and complications that are related to the procedure.

Intra-operative diagnostics

Intra-operative MRI and virtual procedures such as 3D virtual bronchoscopy, 3D virtual colonoscopy, have paved new paths towards unprecedented surgical outcomes especially in neurosurgery and pulmonary surgery divisions. These intra-operative diagnostic procedures not only offer surgeon the ease and better surgical-site approach but also an array of benefits to the patient. Improved surgical corrections in a single sitting, lesser complications, smaller incisions and scar, faster recovery and sooner return to the normal routine are some of the patient-centric benefits. Also with technical advances, in many cases these days, radiological procedures successfully obviate the need for invasive procedures.

Advanced 3T MRI Radiology Hospital in Hyderabad

Best in class technologies and facilities:


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      Dual Source Dual Energy CT – Computed tomography (CT) scan offers a detailed, high-quality, 360-degree or cross-sectional image of human anatomy. The radiologists control the equipment and X-ray beams to scan soft tissues, bones and internal organs to identify abnormalities such as injuries, infection, tumor, and degeneration. Dual source CT scan uses two sources of X-ray and helps to detect diseases faster with reduced exposure to radiation. This is extremely useful for diseases of blood vessels.

      1.5T MRI and 3T MRI – Magnetic resolution imaging (MRI) is a combined power of magnetism and radio waves that results in images that offer great accuracy and detailing of soft tissues, bones and internal organs.

      Intra-operative MRI – Surgeons and radiologists integrate diagnosis and therapeutic interventions with great care to give patients the best possible outcomes from the surgeries, especially heart surgeries and brain surgeries. Yashoda Hospitals being the first in India with Intra-operative MRI (iMRI) is the pioneer of this cutting-edge diagnostic technology.

      Ultrasonography – Ultrasonography uses sound waves to produce an image of internal organs and structures. It is used for diagnosis of diseases affecting organs in any part of the body, especially in breast imaging and echocardiogram. Ultrasonography is also used as guidance for biopsies. Usually noninvasive, however, a probe may be used for transesophageal echocardiogram, transrectal ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound.

      2D and 3D Digital mammography – Digital mammography (tomosynthesis)coupled with 3D technology allows oncologists and gynecologists to evaluate for tumors (and cancer) and also guide biopsies.

      Virtual bronchoscopy – A special software converts the standard CT images into 3D moving pictures of the inside of the bronchus similar to a fibreoptic bronchoscopy. It finds importance in visualization of lumen (airways), walls of trachea and bronchial tree. 

      Digital X-ray – The utility of X-ray sensors gives digital X-ray an upper hand over conventional X-ray in terms of enhanced quality image and cost-effectiveness. Digital X-ray may be used to detect bone injuries and diseases, digestive problems and many more health conditions.

      Elastography – Elastography is a modality that uses shear waves using ultrasound or magnetic resonance to diagnose the mechanical elasticity of soft tissues and the resistance they offer to distortion. 

      Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) – DEXA measures bone mineral density and thus bone loss by using two beams of X-ray. It is useful in the diagnosis of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

      Expertise And Services:

      Yashoda Institute of Radiology and Imaging was initiated with a vision to offer prompt and early detection, diagnosis and guidance to an individualized care for the disease. Here are a few of the several radiological imaging services offered at the institute;

      Orthopedics & Musculoskeletal:
      • Stress X-ray and arthrography to evaluate bones and joints for fractures, infection, inflammation, deformities, injuries and diseases such as arthritis
      • MRI or CT to evaluate soft tissue damages
      • Imaging tests to detect bone tumors and metastasis
      • Image-guided (CT Scan and ultrasound) biopsies
      • Arthrocentesis to aspirate joint fluid for infection, gout, arthritis
      • CT cisternogram to evaluate spinal fluid flow and potential spinal fluid leaks
      • CT, MRI, or echoencephalography tests to investigate blood flow and vascular abnormalities in brain
      • Early diagnosis of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s diseases
      • Evaluating chemical abnormalities involved in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease
      • Evaluation for suspected brain tumor recurrence and localization for biopsy
      • Evaluating spinal fluid flow and potential spinal fluid leaks

      The following procedures are usually done in collaboration with oncologists and interventional radiologists.

      • Detecting and staging cancer
      • Detecting rare tumors of pancreas and adrenal glands
      • Localizing sentinel lymph nodes before surgery in cancer of breast, skin and soft tissues
      • Planning cancer treatment and evaluating the response
      • Detecting the recurrence of cancer
      Other specialties:
      • Pregnancy and fetal medicine: Antenatal pregnancy scans, targeted imaging for fetal anomalies (TIFFA) scans.
      • Analyzing native and transplant organ for blood flow and functioning
      • Assessing intra-operative and post-operative complications
      • Evaluating diseases (or damage) of organs in digestive, renal, respiratory, circulatory and endocrine system
      • Evaluating inflammation and blockade in lymphatic system (lymphedema)
      • Evaluating systemic infection and fever of unknown origin
      Best Radiologists in Hyderabad

      The team at Yashoda Institute of Radiology & Imaging includes board-certified (MD, DNB, DM, FRCR) radiologists, super specialty doctors, technicians and support staff who have many years of specialized experience. Our radiologists and specialty clinicians diagnose and treat patients in Yashoda Hospitals Somajiguda, Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad and Yashoda Hospitals Malakpet.

      At Yashoda Institute of Radiology & Imaging, it is the expert medical team, state-of-the-art facilities and patient care with individualized diagnosis and treatment plans that enable us to achieve high success rates. The team of specialists here at the Yashoda Institute of Radiology & Imaging, comprehensively evaluate health to create an individualized plan of care.

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