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Health Information Videos

  • Is cancer always hereditary?

    Only 1-5% of cancer cases in a family arise due to hereditary factors. Even if there is a genetic predisposition to cancer

  • What are the potential side effects of cancer treatments?

    Why do patients suffer from hair loss and nausea after undergoing chemotherapy? Do all forms of cancer treatment have such side-effects?

  • What are the follow ups after treatment for cancer?

    Follow-up care is essential to holistic recovery after cancer treatment. Most doctors recommend check-up once every 3 months for a few years post-treatment

  • What are the treatment options for cancer?

    There are three treatment options available for treating cancer - surgical treatment - radiation treatment - chemotherapy treatment

  • What are the diagnostic tests for cancer?

    Cancer treatment relies on a thorough diagnosis. Oncologists not only confirm the presence of cancer

  • Which specialized doctor treats cancer?

    The mode of treatment for a cancer patient can be either through surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy

  • What are the stages of cancer?

    Did you know that there are five stages of cancer? They are stage 0 (carcinoma in situ), stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4

  • Fall injuries – First aid and emergency tips

    A fall from high altitude is a medical emergency which may cause head injuries, neck & spine injuries, hip & pelvic injuries, fracture, internal bleeding

  • What are the signs and symptoms of cancer?

    Did you know that loss of weight is linked to stomach cancer? Similarly, one out of every 10 lumps in the breasts can also be a cause for worry.

  • What are the types of cancer?

    Does the intensity of cancers differ? Do we need to be more worried about certain types of cancers?

  • Do’s and Don’ts for Personal Hygiene During Illness

    Doctors recommend doing 4 things when ill to maintain hygiene. By following these steps

  • Understanding Hemophilia an Inherited Bleeding Disorder

    Hemophilia, the royal disorder, gained fame in the 20th century. It is a genetic bleeding disorder

  • Down Syndrome: Explained in a Minute

    What is Down syndrome? Why does it occur? How does Down's syndrome manifest itself?

  • Dr. Santhi Vardhani explains about piles causes, symptoms and treatment

    Piles in Telugu: Dr. Santhi Vardhani explains about piles(hemorrhoids) causes, symptoms, and treatment.

  • LUPUS: Symptoms, Diagnose, Treatment and Self-care by Dr. Keerthi Talari

    What is Lupus? What are its symptoms? Learn more about treatment and self-care for Lupus with Dr. Keerthi Talari

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