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Yashoda Hospitals Introducing

Stroke Care On Wheels

First in Telangana & AP

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Institute of Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

Experience of over 600 VATS Procedures

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Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Day Care Procedure

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Leader in Cancer Care

World’s largest number of patients
treated with RapidArc Technology

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Yashoda Hospitals Group receives
NBE National Award for

“Excellence in Medical Education”

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Treatment for Severe Asthma
First in Telangana & AP to do
Bronchial Thermoplasty

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The First
Robotic Kidney Transplant
in Telangana & AP

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Govt. Of India Ranks
Yashoda Hospitals as First in
Cadaveric Organ Transplantations

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Precision Cancer Care

Most experienced Robotic and HIPEC surgeons in Telangana & AP

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The best team of Heart Specialists


The best team of Heart Specialists and Surgeons available 24X7

The best center for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants

CT Surgery

The best center for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants.

The Neuro Institute is a regional leader


The Neuro Institute is a regional leader in treating neurological disorders

World Leaders in Oncology Care


World Leaders in Oncology Care.

dedicated team with experience of Liver Transplants


A dedicated team with experience of over 2700 Liver Transplants.

Multiorgan transplant Trusted Center with a high success rate

Multiorgan transplant

The Trusted Center with a high success rate

Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

Bones & Joints

World renowned Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

the best Nephrologists and Urologists


Offers advanced  expertise of the best Nephrologists and Surgeons

Pioneering team of robotic surgeries

Robotic Sciences

Pioneering team with the highest number of robotic surgeries

Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

Spine Surgery

Dedicated spine surgeons to treat emergency trauma and complex deformities

Pioneering team of robotic surgeries

Mother & Child

The most comprehensive center for maternity and pediatric care

the best Nephrologists and Urologists


A team of world-renowned fertility specialists and embryologists

Latest Health Blogs

Retroperitoneoscopic surgery

Retroperitoneoscopic surgery for urological diseases

Dec 06, 2019 16:06

Retroperitoneoscopic surgery is an advanced, minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of certain conditions of the renal or the urinary system. Laparoscopic surgery for many of the renal conditions is performed using two approaches namely transperitoneal and retroperitoneal.

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winter rashes

10 Ways to Fix a Winter Rash

Dec 03, 2019 18:50

Winter is upon us, and the temperature outside seems to be less than friendly to your skin. Be proactive and safeguard your skin against winter rashes by following these home remedies.

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bladder cancer treatment

మూత్రాశయ క్యాన్సర్ మరియు దాని చికిత్సలు

Dec 02, 2019 14:17

మూత్రాశయ క్యాన్సర్ అనేది ఒక వ్యక్తి యొక్క మూత్రాశయంలోని క్యాన్సర్ కణాల అసాధారణ పెరుగుదల. మూత్రాశయ క్యాన్సర్ ఎన్ని రకాలు? లక్షణాలు మరియు చికిత్స ఏమిటి ? వంటి వాటిపై సమగ్ర విశ్లేషణ.

Read More..

Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) for Achalasia

Nov 30, 2019 11:42

POEM, PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy is a surgical procedure to remove the obstructing muscle. If you are having the swallowing difficulty called achalasia and wondering if POEM is for you, talk to our doctor to know more

Read More..

Minimally invasive interventional radiology therapies for liver cancer

Minimally invasive interventional radiology therapies for liver cancer

Nov 23, 2019 10:50

Interventional radiology procedures such as TACE, TARE and tumor ablation are now available for inoperable liver cancers.

Read More..

Frozen Shoulder - What is it and how can it be released

Frozen Shoulder – What is it and how can it be released?

Nov 16, 2019 12:00

Frozen shoulder is a condition in which the shoulder joint becomes painful and stiff. In a majority of patients there no particular cause that can be identified

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preserve your knee joint before its too late

Knee joint preservation – Why and how its done?

Nov 09, 2019 14:42

Joint preservation uses non-surgical or minimally invasive surgical techniques to preserve the natural functioning and structure of a deteriorating joint to delay or avoid joint replacement surgery to the maximum extent.

Read More..

Bladder cancer and its treatments

Bladder cancer and its treatments

Nov 02, 2019 14:35

Bladder cancer predominantly occurs due to tobacco consumption, and its treatment depends on the stage and grade of cancer. Learn more about its symptoms and treatments!

Read More..

Joint pains after a viral fever

Joint pains after a viral fever…

Oct 31, 2019 18:01

With the recent epidemic of viral illnesses in our city, especially dengue, chikungunya, the number of people visiting the OPD with joint pains with or without joint swelling is on an acute rise.

Read More..

minimally invasive spine surgery - endoscopic spine surgery

What is Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS)?

Oct 18, 2019 14:27

Minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery is recommended in certain cases of degenerative discs, fractures and herniated disc kyphosis, infection, scoliosis and spinal column tumours.

Read More..


Patient Testimonials

Mr. Aden Farah Hassan

Treated For:Achilles Tendon Rupture
Treated By:Dr. Shashi Kanth G
Patient Location:Somalia
Mr. Aden Farah Hassan Somalia Dr. Shashi Kanth G

Left Achilles Tendon Rupture Reconstruction: My life has taken a 180-degree

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Mr. Lino Guido

Treated For:Urethral Stricture
Treated By:Dr. V. Surya Prakash
Patient Location:Mozambique
Mr. Lino Guido Mozambique Dr. Surya Prakash

The great support system at Yashoda Hospitals really helped me while being

Read more

Mrs. Zainab

Treated For:Radical Cholecystectomy
Treated By:Dr. K. Sreekanth
Patient Location:Iraq
Mr. Zainab Iraq Dr. K. Sreekanth

Radical Cholecystectomy with hypto biliary pancreaticoduodenal lymph node

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Mr. Mikhail Andreichenka

Treated For:Ewing's Sarcoma
Treated By:Dr. Sachin Marda
Patient Location:Kazakhstan
Mikhail Andreichenko_Dr. Sachin Marda

In a first of its kind in Hyderabad, doctors at Yashoda Hospitals have

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Mrs. Padma Venkateshwaran

Treated For:Rotator Cuff Tear
Treated By:Dr. Jayakrishna Reddy
Patient Location:Hyderabad
Mrs. Padma Venkateshwaran Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

I had a successful operation with Dr. Jaya Krishna Reddy. Today, I feel good

Read more

Mrs. Monika Ailawadi

Treated For:Prevention of clots in Left Atrial Appendage
Treated By:Dr. V. Rajasekhar
Patient Location:Hyderabad
Mrs. Monika Ailawadi Dr. Rajasekhar Left Atrial Appendage

Mrs. Monika Ailwadi underwent two procedures with Dr. V. Rajasekhar at Yashoda

Read more

Mrs. Chhanda Debbarman

Treated For:ENT Problem
Treated By:Dr. P. Venu Gopal Reddy
Patient Location:Tripura
Mrs. Chhanda Debbarman Dr. P. Venu Gopal Reddy

I had never imagined such good service from a hospital before coming to Yashoda

Read more

Mr. Barnabas

Treated For:Cervical Myelopathy
Treated By:Dr. Kiran Kumar Lingutla
Patient Location:Nigeria
Patient Testimonial for Cervical Spine Surgery by Mr. Barnabas from Nigeria

Cervical Myelopathy is treated successfully by one of the best orthopedic spine

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