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To achieve and maintain excellence in neurosciences, spread knowledge and technology, collaborate & work towards exploring new frontiers and advanced techniques in neurosciences, make it more practical, affordable and accessible for the common man.



  • To collaborate with national and international organizations in order to develop affordable technology that is accessible to needy.
  • To develop skill lab and conduct training to allow testing of new innovations.
  • To provide a forum for advanced academic exchanges and discussions.
  • To bridge between private and public institutions for academic and technological development.
  • To provide an opportunity for research and innovation.


  • Workshops
  • Training Programs
  • Fellowships
  • New Programs




The fields of healthcare and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a long and intertwined history. In more recent times, however, communication and collaboration between the two fields have become inevitable. A better understanding of the biological aspects of the brains and the human body has a vital role in building intelligent machines.

Integrating artificial intelligence in healthcare offers better treatment methodologies which result in superior patient outcomes and improved Quality of Life (QOL). Some of the clinical applications include mind-controlled devices for paraplegic and quadriplegic patients, targeted drug delivery systems, nanorobots, predictive algorithms for diagnosis, etc.

Center of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care (CAIHC) is a first Indian Academic Center with the intent to integrate latest artificial intelligence technologies in healthcare. CAIHC believes that patients’ lives will improve through thoughtful & responsible application of AI in the discovery and development of new therapies.

The CAIHC is a coalition of clinical specialists and technology experts from Ministry of Health, pharma & biological companies, research organizations, and NGOs who not only express the common goal of realizing the potential of AI in healthcare but also recognize that difficult questions need to be answered. CAIHC and its associated organizations apply state‐of‐the‐art approaches and invest in advanced integrated programs (or solutions) to address society’s need for new, more effective and accessible healthcare.

CAIHC offers a forum for these key conversations and a unified voice to establish responsible, ethical, and reasonable standards for the development and implementation of AI in healthcare.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Yashoda Academy Of Neuro Sciences &
Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Health Care
Yashoda Hospitals, SP Raad, Secunderabad
Mobile; 9490124509

Governing Body

Dr. G Ravinder Rao

G Ravinder Rao


Dr. Pavan

Dr. G Pavan


Dr Lingaiah

Dr. Lingaiah
Director Medical Services


Dr Lalitha

Dr. Lalitha Reddy
Vice President


Action Committee

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Dr. B J Rajesh
General Secretary



Dr. Nithin Manohar
Co-General Secretary


Core Group Members

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Dr. Anandh Balasubramaniam


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Dr. R N Komal Kumar


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Dr. K Krishna Reddy


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Dr. Venugopal G


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Dr. Jaydip Ray Chaudhuri


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Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy



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