Eligibility: Intermediate (Science)
Duration: 2 years

Paramedical professionals are in demand everywhere. They find employment in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and laboratories according to the branch of specialization .As the healthcare industry is expanding, the demand for these professionals is on the rise. Paramedical professionals play a crucial role for the efficient funtioning of the healthcare system.

These courses are recognised by Telangana State Paramedical Board (TSPMB).Ample opportunities including in house job placements await our students on completion of these courses.

The Different Paramedical Courses Offered are

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology:-

The Medical Imaging Technologist operates maintains imaging machines like MRI,CT Scan ,Nuclear scan, Ultrasound ,Xray,Spectroscopy,2D Echo, etc and assists the radiologist in the various imaging procedures. As the use of these sophisticated imaging tools is ever increasing the role of the imaging technologist is also ever growing with huge job opportunities in the health care industry.  

Diploma in Medical Lab Technician:-

A medical  lab  technologist  will  perform chemical,  microscopic  and  bacteriological tests essential  for  detection,  diagnosis  and  treatment of  diseases.Hospitals and diagnostic centers with their own  labs provide plenty of  opportunities for lab technicians.

Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant:- 

Ophthalmic Assistants examine eyes and test sight to detect and measure defects in eyes, determine visual efficiency , diseases and other abnormalities by examination and by means of ophthalmic instrumentation .These technicians may be in general practice or in a hospital or work as assistants to ophthalmic surgeons .Ophthalmic Assistants are in high demand as eye problems are on the raise.

Diploma in Perfusion Technician:- 

 A Perfusion technician, as a member of an open-heart surgical team is responsible for selection, set up and operation of the heart –lung machine. It is used for cardiopulmonary bypass(CPB) technique that temporarily takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery, maintaining the circulation of blood and the oxygen content of the patient’s body. The demand for perfusionist is growing very rapidly as the incidences of  heart diseases are increasing.

Diploma in Radiotherapy Technician:- 

This course is designed to train candidates to become radiotherapy technicians in cancer treatment. It will train candidates on how to operate machines in radiation oncology such as IMRT, Linear Accelerator, Brian lab, and SRS/SRT machines etc. With technology in oncological care rapidly progressing, the need for radiotherapy technicians is only increasing.

Diploma in Cardiology Technician:- 

Cardiology technicians assist cardiologists with 2D Echo and also conduct various diagnostic tests like ECG, Holter and some exercise tolerance tests. There is ever increasing demand for these technicians in medical field.

Diploma in Hospital Food Service Management:- 

Hospital food service management course equips students with sufficient knowledge and skills to effectively manage medical nutrition therapy for different types of patients in hospitals and to promote healthy nutritional for a healthy life.

Diploma In Microsurgery:-

This course will train & enable the students to assist the doctors/ surgeons during the microsurgery procedures. This involves the use of modern equipment that can only be operated by well trained and competent microsurgery technicians. There are very good job opportunities for microsurgery technicians.

Diploma In Cath Lab Technician:-

Cath Lab technicians assist cardiologist with cardiac catheterization procedures in a cath lab & operate cath lab machine during cath procedures .The catheterization procedure can determine whether a blockage exists in the blood vessels that supply to the heart muscle. Part of the procedure may involve balloon angioplasty, which can be used to treat blockages of blood vessels or heart valves without the need of a heart surgery. Job opportunities are plenty for these technicians as the number of cath lab equipped hospitals are increasing.

Diploma in Anesthesia Technician:- 

Anesthesia technicians support anesthesia care teams their main duty is to maintain anesthesia equipment; They sterilize, test, calibrate and troubleshoot anesthesia   equipment, as well as keeping records of equipment inspections. More advanced duties might include transporting patients to surgery, explaining procedures to patients and operating equipment, such as electronic and pneumatic devices, that monitors patients who are under anesthesia  and assist all anesthesia  procedures. Every hospital with an operating theatre has a surgical & anesthesia  backup, ensuring readily available job opportunities upon graduation

Diploma in Medical Sterilization Management And Operation Theatre Technician:-

If the operation theatre is the back bone of the hospital, the O.T, Technician is the back bone of the operation theatre . Therefore the requirement of a qualified & an experienced O.T Technician always exists in all the top hospitals & nursing homes. The O.T cannot run in a proper manner without the qualified O.T technician.

Diploma in Respiratory Therapy Technician:-

Respiratory therapists assists pulmonologists in diagnostic & therapeutic procedures. They perform chest physical examinations to analyzing breath, tissue and blood specimens to determine the kind of therapy required for the given condition and managing ventilators and artificial airway devices for patients who cannot breathe normally on their own. With their important major role in respiratory rehabilitation programmes there is lot of demand for them in top hospitals

Diploma in ECG Technician:-

An ECG technician is involved in conducting the ECG test for a cardiac patient which helps in checking the heart’s electrical activity. find the cause of unexplained chest pain or pressure, and check how well mechanical devices that are implanted in the heart , such as pacemakers are working.

Diploma in Dialysis Technician:-

Dialysis Technician works primarily on outpatient dialysis units and the duties require techniques to get the dialyzer (artificial Kidney) and delivery system ready, monitor all equipment while in use and do the necessary equipment maintenance after the treatment. They perform dialysis procedure to both outpatients and inpatients in hospital setups as per the Nephrologists advice. There is lot of demand for these technicians in local as well as global healthcare industry. 

For Further Details Please Contact:-

Dr. R. Chandra Shekar 
M.Sc., Ph .D Gold Medalist 
Dean – School of Nursing & Paramedics
Phone: 8790122929, 9949969966, 040-67778047 

YASHODA HOSPITALS has been running the programmes to train Medical Technicians of the following courses with the required skill and knowledge in various aspects of medicine and its technology interface.

S.No. Course Name Duration Eligibility Total Seats
1 Dialysis Technician Course 2 years B.Sc 10
2 Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology (DMIT) 2 years Inter (Science) 20
3 Perfusion Technologist Course 2 years Inter (Science) 2
4 Diploma in Radiotherapy 2 years Inter (Science) 10
5 Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) 2 years Inter (Science) 20
6 Ophthalmic Technician Course 2 years Inter (Science) 10
7 Cardiology Technician Course 2 years Inter (Science) 4
8 Microsurgery Technology 2 years Inter (Science) 2
9 Hospital Food Service Management Course 2 years Inter (Science) 4
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