• Comprehensive knowledge of clinical manifestations, pathological abnormalities, and principles of management of diverse medical and surgical emergencies of geriatrics, adults and pediatrics affecting any organ system.
  • Skill as well as competence to correctly choose and interpret the results of various routine investigations required for proper management of the patient. While opting for these routine investigations, a physician must be capable of understanding the sensitivity, specificity and predictive value of the proposed investigation, and its cost-effectiveness in the management of a patient.
  • Proficiency in emergency interventions, such as needle crico-thyroidotomy, endotracheal intubation, tracheostomy, Intercostal drain placement, needle thorococentesis, pericardiocentesis, defibrillation, so on and so forth.
  • Skills and competence to perform commonly used diagnostic procedures, such as liver/nerve/ muscle/ skin/ kidney/ pleural biopsy, bone marrow aspiration/biopsy, lumbar puncture, fine needle aspiration cytology of palpable lumps, pleural/pericardial/abdominal/joint fluid aspiration.
  • Skill and competence to properly choose and interpret the results of specialized investigations like radiologic, biochemical, ultrasonographic, Electro cardio graphic, hemodynamic, pulmonary functional, electrophysiological, nuclear isotope scanning, hematological, immunological and arterial blood gas analysis results.
  • Skill and competence to provide consultation to other medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties, whenever required.
  • Skill and competence to function effectively in a variety of clinical settings, i.e. emergency/critical care, out-patient clinic, ambulatory care, in-patient wards, etc
  • Skill and competence to take strong decisions with regard to hospitalization or timely referral to other consultants of numerous medical sub-specialties recognizing his/her limitations in knowledge and skills in these areas.
  • Proficiency in selecting the right drug combinations for different clinical problems with complete knowledge of their side-effects, pharmacological effects, interactions with the other drugs, alteration of their metabolism in different clinical situations, including that in the elderly.
  • Skill and competence to advise on the aspects of prevention, restoration and rehabilitation of patients including those in the elderly, so as to be able to counsel the patient correctly after recovery from an acute or chronic illness.
  • Skill and competence to understand research methodology in Emergency Medicine and to undertake critical appraisal of the literature published in a variety of emergency medical journals and be able to apply the same in the setting in which the physician is working.
  • Skill and competence to work cohesively in Resuscitation team along with paramedical personnel and maintain discipline and healthy interaction with the colleagues.
  • Skill and competence to clearly communicate, and teach other junior clinicians, nurses, medical students and other paramedical staff, the theory plus the practical clinical skills needed for the practice of Emergency Medicine.
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