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Treatment Disorders & Conditions

For patients suffering from

  • Jaundice
  • Blood vomiting
  • Itching
  • Loss of memory
  • Portal Hypertension
  • Hepatitis
  • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma or Liver Cancer
  • Ascites
  • Liver-Kidney Dysfunction
  • Autoimmune, genetic and vascular liver diseases
  • Accumulation of fat within the liver cells leads to inflammation, injuries and scars
  • Acute or Chronic Liver Failure
  • Wilson’s Disease or any other end-stage Liver disease, etc.


Patient Testimonials For Liver Transplant


Mr. Qusay

Treated For:Liver Transplant
Treated By:Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Iraq
Mr Qusay Liver Transplant

Dr. P. Balachandran Menon is a magician because he has very high technique, In

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Kurmangaliyeva Guldana

Treated For:Liver disease
Treated By:Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Kazakhstan

I want to express my deep gratitude for giving the chance to live to Dr.

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Mr. Abdullayev Nodirbek

Treated For:Liver Transplant
Treated By: Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Uzbekistan
Patient Testimonial for Liver Transplant by Mr. Abdullayev Nodirbek from Uzbekistan

Liver transplant done by best liver transplant surgeon in India Dr. P.

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Dr. Ananth Kumar Sinha

Treated For:Liver Cancer
Treated By: Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Ranchi
Patient Testimonial for Liver Transplant by Dr. Ananth Kumar Sinha from Ranchi

I am Dr Ananth Kumar Sinha, an eye surgeon from Ranchi,Jharkhand. I was

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Mr. Ghanshyam

Treated For:Liver Disease
Treated By: Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Jharkhand
Patient Testimonial for Liver Transplant by Mr. Ghanshyam from Jharkhand

My name is Ghanshyam Prasad Bhaghat. I Live in Jharkhand Recently, I came to

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Mr. Neeraj

Treated For:Liver Disease
Treated By: Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Delhi
Patient Testimonial for Liver Transplant by Mr. Neeraj from Delhi

Liver transplant done by best liver transplant surgeon in India Dr. P.

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Mr. Manoj

Treated For:liver Disease
Treated By: Dr. Amar Deep Yadav
Patient Location:Haryana
Patient Testimonial for Liver Transplant by Mr. Manoj from Haryana

Liver transplant done by best liver transplant surgeon in India Dr. P.

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Mr. Bhaskaran

Treated For:Liver Cancer
Treated By: Dr. P. Balachandran Menon
Patient Location:Hyderabad
Patient Testimonial for Liver Transplant by Mr. Bhaskaran from Hyderabad

Liver transplant done by best liver transplant surgeon in India Dr. P.

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Health Blogs for Liver

Biliary atresia, a rare digestive disease in infants

Jul 12, 2019 18:39

Biliary Artesia is a digestive disease that occurs in infants mostly after 2 to 8 weeks after birth. Surgery helps the baby to lead a normal life. However, roughly 85% of children require liver transplantation before they reach the age of 20 years.

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కాలేయ వ్యాధి లక్షణాలు మరియు చికిత్స విధాన వివరాలు

Jul 03, 2019 16:55

ప్రధానంగా రెండు కారణాల వల్ల జాండిస్‌ సోకుతుంది. మొదటిది శరీరంలోని బైలిరుబిన్‌ అత్యధికంగా ఉత్పత్తి అవుతుండటం. రెండోవది సహజంగా ఉత్పత్తి అవుతున్న బైలురుబిన్‌ను కాలేయం తొలగించలేకపోవడం. ఈ రెండు సందర్భాల్లోనూ బైలిరుబిన్‌ శరీర కణజాలంలో చేరి స్థిరపడుతుంది. కామెర్లవ్యాధి సోకిన వ్యక్తి శరీర అంతర్భాగంలో కొన్ని స్పష్టమైన మార్పులు కనిపిస్తాయి.

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Liver Transplantation: Current Status and Challenges

May 17, 2019 16:03

There is a large discrepancy between the number of patients requiring a liver transplant and the number of transplants being done in our country. With expertise available for both LDLT and DDLT, many of these patients can be offered a definitive treatment for their lethal liver disease.

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లివర్ ట్రాన్స్ ప్లాంటేషన్ సర్జరీల్లో యశోద అగ్రగామి

Dec 20, 2018 17:06

శరీరంలో కీలక విధులు నిర్వర్తించే అవయవాలలో కాలేయం మొదటి స్థానంలో నిలుస్తుంది. జీర్ణవ్యవస్థకు అనుబంధంగా ఉన్న ఈ గ్రంధి దాదాపు అయిదు వందల విధులను నిర్వర్తిస్తుంటుంది. మరే అవయవం కాలేయానికి ప్రత్యామ్నాయంకాదు.

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చివరి దశ కాలేయ వ్యాధులు (ఎండ్ స్టేజి లివర్స్ డిసిజేస్స్) తో బాధపడుతున్నవారు కాలేయ మార్పిడి (లివర్ ట్రాన్స్‌ప్లాంటేషన్‌) తో కొత్త జీవితాన్ని పొందవచ్చు.

Nov 13, 2018 11:03

కాలేయం శరీరంలో అతి ముఖ్యమైన అవయువం.శరీర జీవక్రియ విధులు మరియు రోగనిరోధక వ్యవస్థకు చాలా ముఖ్యమైనది.కాలేయం యొక్క ముఖ్యమైన పని జీర్ణవ్యవస్థ నుండి వస్తున్న రక్తాన్ని ఫిల్టర్ చేయడం. కాలేయం రక్తం గడ్డకట్టడంలో ముఖ్యపాత్ర పోషిస్తుంది మరియు ఇతర పనులకు ప్రోటీన్లు అందించటంలో కూడా ముఖ్యమైనది.

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How is normothermic liver perfusion giving hope to patients needing liver transplantation?

Nov 06, 2018 11:49

Normothermic liver perfusion is ushering in a new era in the way organ preservation is done and transplant is carried out. There is hope that with the help of this new technology, it may be possible to save more lives by transplanting more livers with improved outcomes.

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World Hepatitis Day – Eliminating Hepatitis through Awareness

Jul 28, 2017 20:10

World Hepatitis Day 2017 marks the start of the campaign to Eliminate Hepatitis by 2030. What is Hepatitis?  Hepatitis is a condition referring to the inflammation of the liver, caused by either a viral infection, an autoimmune condition or as a side effect of medication. There are five types of Hepatitis, A, B, C, D […]

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Hepatitis C spreads through contaminated pricks

Jun 03, 2016 09:52

Hepatitis C is a virus that affects the liver and causes inflammation. Hepatitis C continues to exist, with the patient unaware of its existence. It is only after decades that it may be detected during routine medical tests. Hepatitis C spreads through contaminated blood, and needles shared during drug abuse. CAUSES During transfusion or injection […]

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Autoimmune hepatitis is an uncommon cause of persistent liver inflammation

May 21, 2016 05:23

When the body’s immune system turns against the liver cells, this condition is called as autoimmune hepatitis. The exact causes of autoimmune hepatitis are unclear, however the genetic and environmental factors are considered are majorly responsible for this condition. The autoimmune hepatitis may lead to scarring of the liver and finally its failure. There are […]

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Biliary Tract Disorders: Gallstones

May 13, 2016 05:14

Gallstones form in the gallbladder, which is located just beneath the liver. Gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid. Gallstones are removed by surgery. Gallbladder produces bile and releases it into the small intestine. CAUSES It is considered that gallstones are formed due to too much of cholesterol and bilirubin in bile. If the bile […]

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All you need to know about Liver Transplantation

Feb 29, 2016 05:55

Liver transplantation is a surgical procedure to replace diseased liver with a whole or partial healthy liver. Healthy liver can be obtained from three kinds of donors – Brain dead donor (Cadaver), and living donor. Liver is considered as the power house of the human body. It is the largest internal organ of the body […]

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Liver transplants accord a new lease of life

Feb 08, 2016 04:50

Latest treatments and procedures of liver diseases Liver is one of the biggest organs, and constitutes the largest gland in the body. Its size also speaks about its vital role, and its need for continuous blood supply.. The liver’s reddish colour owes itself to its immense blood supply, as there are a host of arteries […]

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Liver Cirrhosis- Early detection may help patients

Dec 21, 2015 05:17

Cirrhosis is the advanced stage of liver disease (scarring & fibrosis). Cirrhosis is the scarring of the liver where the soft healthy tissues are replaced with hard scar tissue. Cirrhosis may result from longstanding inflammation from infections, heart disease, or continuous injury. Liver diseases and damage to the liver such as scarring and fibrosis are caused […]

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