Oseltamivir - Uses - Dosages - Side Effects - Precautions

Oseltamivir: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Oseltamivir?

Oseltamivir is an antiviral drug that prevents and treats viruses in the body. It helps treat influenza A and B viruses in infants (two weeks older and above), children and adults. Oseltamivir medicine further prevents the flu if you have been exposed to an influenza patient or are in a situation where there is a flu outbreak in your city.

It hinders the action of neuraminidase (virus-produced enzyme), which encourages its spread from unhealthy cells to healthy ones. This way, we can minimize the symptoms and duration of the flu.

What are the uses of Oseltamivir?

Oseltamivir comes under the neuraminidase inhibitor class of drugs. It is an effective medicine to prevent and treat influenza A and B viruses in infants, adults and children. If you have been experiencing flu symptoms for less than two days, your doctor may prescribe Oseltamivir. 

This medication will help relieve severe flu symptoms like cough, stuffy nose, fever/chills, aches, sore throat, tiredness, joint aches, etc. However, if you have been exposed to another patient, Oseltamivir will prevent you from catching the flu.

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What are the side effects of Oseltamivir?

Oseltamivir may not suit every patient. Some of the usual side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain

Some severe side effects can include:

  • Sudden mood swings include confusion, self-injury, and agitation.
  • Severe allergic reactions like swelling, itching or rashes on the tongue, face or throat, etc. 
  • Mouth sores
  • Hallucinations
  • Speech problems

General symptoms will go away on their own with time. But, if you face severe symptoms, talk to your doctor in detail.

S.no Product Name Dosage Form
1. Antiflu Oseltamivir 75mg Capsule
2. Fluvir Oseltamivir 75mg Capsule
3. Antiflu Oseltamivir 10mg Syrup
4. Olsivir Oseltamivir 75mg Capsule
5. Fluhalt Oseltamivir 75mg Capsule


Frequently Asked Questions about Oseltamivir

1. How long does it take for Oseltamivir to work?

The Oseltamivir dose will be different in the case of prevention and treatment of the flu. On consumption, it gets well-absorbed in the stomach and attacks the virus by preventing its spread. Usually, most people experience flu symptoms for three to seven days. However, with Oseltamivir your recovery period will be reduced by a day or two.

2. Can you take Tylenol with Oseltamivir?

Yes, you can consume Tylenol with Oseltamivir. Tylenol is an acetaminophen type medicine that treats mild fever and several kinds of pain. To date, there are no interactions between both the medications, which is why it is considered safe. Before consuming any medicine with Oseltamivir, consult your doctor in detail.

3. Can you take Ibuprofen with Oseltamivir phosphate?

Yes, you can consume Ibuprofen with Oseltamivir phosphate. Ibuprofen relieves inflammation, pain and fever. Sometimes Oseltamivir causes nausea and upset GI that we can manage with a dose of Ibuprofen. There are no interactions between both medicines, but consult your doctor before consuming them together.

4. Is Oseltamivir safe?

Yes, Oseltamivir is a safe medicine to consume after a doctor’s prescription. If you overdose or take another medication with it, it can result in severe side effects. When taken in the correct dosage at the right time, it will show positive results. Always consult a doctor and talk about your medical history and all related things in detail.

5. Does Oseltamivir make you sleepy?

Patients that took Oseltamivir didn’t report sleepiness or drowsiness as a side effect. But, if you are feeling sleepy, it might be because of the virus. One of the symptoms of flu includes drowsiness that a lot of patients experience. If there’s anything that looks abnormal to you, consult your doctor.

6. Does Oseltamivir phosphate reduce a fever?

Yes, Oseltamivir phosphate reduces fever as a part of its effect on the flu symptoms. One of the usual symptoms of influenza A and B virus is fever. Oseltamivir hampers the spread of the virus and reduces symptoms like fever, stuffy nose, aches, joint pain, etc. If your fever doesn’t go away after the dose, talk to your doctor.

7. Can I drink alcohol while taking oseltamivir phosphate?

To date, there are no interactions between alcohol consumption and Oseltamivir. Doctors do not recommend alcohol during any sickness. Alcohol weakens your immune system and can adversely affect the side effects of the flu. If you have the flu and take Oseltamivir, avoid alcohol for a few days.

8. Is Oseltamivir the same as Tamiflu?

Yes, both Oseltamivir and Tamiflu are the same things. While Oseltamivir is a medicine composition, Tamiflu is the brand that sells it. You will see both the terms on any medicine pack. Besides, you might find other brands that sell Oseltamivir for flu symptoms.

9. How long does Oseltamivir stay in your system?

Oseltamivir is a fast-absorbent drug. After consumption, it is well-absorbed by the GI tract and converted into Oseltamivir Carboxylate (OC). After 30 minutes of an oral dose, we can detect OC in the blood. The peak levels of OC take about three to four hours in the body.

10. How much doesAntiflu 75mg Capsule cost?

There are almost 12 brands that sell Oseltamivir 75 mg tablets in a pack of 10 tablets/capsules. These brands include OLSIVIR 75MG CAP, ANTIFLU 75MG CAP, TAMIFLU 75MG CAP, MCOSVIR 75GM CAP, etc. The cost of Oseltamivir may vary among each brand. The average price lies between Rs 400 and Rs 700 in India.

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