Meropenem - Uses - Dosages - Side Effects - Precautions

Meropenem: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What Is Meropenem?

Meropenem is a β-lactam antibiotic that treats various bacteria-causing illnesses like pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis, anthrax, and intra-abdominal infections. It can also be used to treat skin and soft tissue infections. It is taken intravenously, and commonly sold as Merrem.

Taking it without prescription can cause an abnormal increase in antibodies, which later fight against the antibiotic itself.

What Are the Uses of Meropenem?

Meropenem is an antimicrobial agent used to treat various diseases of the skin or stomach. Meropenem is also used to treat bacterial meningitis (an infection that irritates the tissue covering the cerebrum and spinal line). It falls into the antibiotic category, and therefore you should not take it without a prescription. 

Meropenem is also used to treat infections that are associated with soft tissues.

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What Are the Side Effects of Meropenem?

Common side effects may include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation
  • Rashes
  • Anemia

Other side effects are:

  • Stomach aches 
  • Watery and bloody diarrhea
  • Seizures (convulsions)
  • White patches in your mouth or throat
  • Lowers red blood cells resulting in anemia. Common signs are pale skin, unusual tiredness, cold hands, and feet, feeling light-headed or short of breath.
S.no Product Name Dosage Form
1. Meromac Meropenem 1gm Injection
2. Mero 1g Meropenem 100mg Injection
3. Merotec Meropenem 1gm Injection
4. Merotrol Meropenem 1gm Injection
5. Meronem Meropenem 500mg Injection


Frequently Asked Questions about Meropenem

1. Does Meropenem Cover MRSA?

MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus are gram-positive microorganisms. These are genetically distinct from different strains of S. aureus.

Meropenem is highly active against S. aureus and various strains of coagulase-negative staphylococci that are susceptible to methicillin. It is a carbapenem, a potent antibiotic that can treat multidrug-resistant bacterial infection. However, like other carbapenems, meropenem is ineffective against MRSA and other coagulase-negative staphylococci that are resistant to methicillin.

2. Does Meropenem Cover Pseudomonas?

Pseudomonas is a variety of gram-negative gammaproteobacteria, which belongs to the group of Pseudomonadaceae and contains 191 representative species.

Mereponem shows high activity against a wide range of bacteria which include gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens. It can also fight potentially antibiotic-resistant strains like Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

3. Does Meropenem Cover Anaerobes?

An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is an organic entity that does not need atomic oxygen for development. It might respond contrarily or die if free oxygen is available.

Meropenem is an expansive carbapenem that has incredible action against both high-impact gram-positive and high-impact gram-negative bacteria and covers normal anaerobes.

4. How Long Does Meropenem Stay in Your System?

In people with regular renal functions, half of the elimination of meropenem is within one hour. Nearly 70% of the prescribed dose can be found unchanged in the urine for over 12 hours, after which you see a negligible urinary excretion.

For more information regarding the medicine and precautions, visit here.

5. Is Meropenem a Vesicant?

Meropenem does not fall into the vesicant category. A blister agent, or vesicant, is a substance or compound that causes serious skin, eye, and mucosal discomfort and irritation. They are named after their capacity to cause serious side effects with excess compound consumption, causing water blisters to appear on affected areas.

6. Does Meropenem Contain Penicillin?

Meropenem is an antibiotic that battles large numbers of similar infections as penicillin. Meropenem may be used as a substitute for patients who react unfavorably to penicillin.

Be that as it may, meropenem and penicillin have similar substance interactions. Thus, specialists regularly try not to use meropenem in patients who are over-sensitive to penicillin.

7. How Long Does It Take for Meropenem to Work?

When fighting the meningitidis bacteria, meropenem requires 7–10 days. For influenzae type B infection, it requires 10–14 days.

Doctors and clinical experts recommend meropenem for a maximum of 4–7 days to treat a severe or high-risk infectious disease.

8. How Much Does Meropenem Cost?

The cost of meropenem powder for injection can cost you around $41 for 500mg. In Indian rupees, it can be INR 3,041. Similarly, 1000 mg of powder for injection can cost you around 5,000 INR. These prices are only related to customers who pay in cash and are not applicable for customers with insurance plans.

9. Is Meropenem a Strong Antibiotic?

Meropenem is the strongest antibiotic after vancomycin. Meropenem (Merrem, Meronem) is an antibacterial specialist of the carbapenem family with a wide scope of use. It has proven to be the definitive course of treatment before the causative organism has been identified. In a study, it was also effective against sickness brought about by a single or various susceptible bacteria in two grown-ups and youngsters with a broad scope of severe or deadly infections.

10. Is Meropenem Strong?

Meropenem (Merrem) is viewed as one of the more potent antibiotics. It neutralizes various bacteria and treats severe or complex infections when different antibiotics may not be sufficient. Remember that "stronger" antibiotics are not generally an ideal decision. Always go to your doctor before using the medication.

For more information regarding the medicine’s dosages and precautions, visit Yashoda Hospital and consult our experts.

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