Serrapeptase - Uses - Dosages - Side Effects - Precautions

Serrapeptase: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase or Serratiopeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the gut bacteria of a silkworm. It was first discovered in Japan in 1967 and later came underuse worldwide due to its great benefits.
Proteolytic enzymes break down proteins into amino acids. The specialty of Serrapeptase is it breaks down non-living proteins inside the human body. Non-living tissues are there in the body only when there is inflammation, swelling, or clogging. Serrapeptase geo-targets such sites in the body and reduces inflammation.

Uses of Serrapeptase

Due to the unique feature of this enzyme, it has wide use in the health and pharmaceutical industry. Some uses and benefits of Serrapeptase are:

  • Relieves pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces the chances of a heart attack or cardiovascular disease.
  • Helps in faster recovery.
  • Helps in treating cold and sore throat.
  • Treats bacterial infections.
  • Helps in treating Atherosclerosis.
  • Tooth extraction and surgeries.
  • Helps in treating fibrocystic breast disease.
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Side effects of Serrapeptase

  • Serrapeptase can cause pneumonitis (lung inflammation) in elderly adults. This happens due to a sudden drop in white blood cells.
  • Some common side effects after taking Serrapeptase are nausea, stomach upset, vomiting, cough, poor appetite, blood clotting disturbances, muscle & joint pain, skin reactions and rashes.
  • If you suffer from bleeding disorders, you should check with our experts to know more about its side effects. Serrapeptase might worsen the bleeding or clotting.

What is Serrapeptase

Uses of Serrapeptase

Side effects of Serrapeptase


Frequently Asked Questions about Serrapeptase

1. Can Serrapeptase unblock Fallopian tubes?

It is not yet conclusive. Serrapeptase does speed the breakdown of blocked tissues or clogged blood. Ideally, blockage of fallopian tubes may be treated by this enzyme. Still, there is no substantial evidence that supports this approach. Trying this method in the future can be a natural and effective way, as it won't cause any harm.

2. How does Serrapeptase work?

Serrapeptase targets specific sites in the body directly. It binds with the macroglobulin in blood plasma and reaches the inflamed area. Serrapeptase also eliminates the pain to a maximum extent by eliminating Bradykinin. Bradykinin is a compound that instigates pain in the body. It also reduces the chances of a heart attack or cardiovascular disease. Heart disease occurs when the pumping in or out of blood to the heart is slow. This happens when fibrin, fat, or cholesterol accumulates, thickening the blood and restricting the flow. Naturally, Serrapeptase helps in breaking down such fibrin or fat molecules and increases blood flow.

3. How long does Serrapeptase stay in your system?

An ideal dosage of Serrapeptase is between 10-60mg per day for adults. Serrapeptase, an enzyme, can be easily killed by the acid in your stomach. But once it moves into the bloodstream, it starts its work to unclog and thin the blood. The effect of one dose may last up to 3-4 hours. And when taken long-term as a supplement, it may last up to 1-week in the body.

4. How much Serrapeptase should I take for fibroids?

Serrapeptase can dissolve or eat up cysts or fibroids when taken regularly. 10mg, thrice daily is an ideal dose for the enzyme to work on fibroids. The best results can be seen after 2-weeks, and the dosage can last up to 4-weeks. Call our experts at Yashoda Hospitals to guide you for the best treatment.

5. Can Serrapeptase cure Hydrosalpinx?

Hydrosalpinx is an infertile condition in a woman that is caused by swollen and fluid-filled fallopian tubes. Naturally, Serrapeptase can do wonders and treat such swelling and inflammation. Across western countries, this treatment has been put into practice recently. Serrapeptase supplements can cure this condition when taken under medical supervision.

6. When should you not take Serrapeptase?

During pregnancy & breastfeeding, Serrapeptase is not recommended. Serrapeptase should not be taken with blood thinners like Warfarin and Aspirin. It should also not be taken with other dietary supplements like fish oil, garlic, and turmeric, which may increase your risk of bleeding. Do not consume on a full stomach as it may cause nausea or vomiting.

7. Is Serrapeptase an anti-inflammatory?

Serrapeptase is the best-used enzyme to treat inflammation. It reduces inflammation by directly targeting the specific inflamed site. It treats both acute and chronic inflammation by binding to the plasma and helping faster recovery from inflammation. Geo-targeting the inflammation in the body is the best and unique feature of Serrapeptase.

8. Does Serrapeptase make you lose weight?

Serrapeptase over the years has been used regularly as a dietary supplement, mostly by fitness freaks. Although studies have no evidence that this enzyme is effective for weight loss, its anti-inflammatory and de-clogging properties may help weight loss. When taken as a supplement under medical supervision, you may see results in 4-weeks.

9. Is Serrapeptase antiviral?

Being a proteolytic enzyme, Serrapeptase tends to break down proteins. Recent studies show that Serrapeptase was able to exert antiviral effects by digesting proteins that form the virus's outer coating. Viral infections can force you to take antibiotics that can mess up your system or cause significant side effects. If Serrapeptase is used with these antibiotics, it can enhance tissue penetration and kill the virus faster.

10. Does Serrapeptase help acne?

According to studies, Serrapeptase can treat bacterial infections in our body. Acne caused by infections or bacteria is always a major issue. You can have a hard time getting rid of acne. But taking Serrapeptase as a supplement for up to 4-weeks may reduce acne.



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