Ovarian vein coil embolization for pelvic congestion syndrome

Ovarian vein coil embolization


A 27-year-old female presented with complaints of chronic severe lower abdominal pain. 

Diagnosis & Treatment

The USG and Doppler images demonstrated pelvic varicosities. The DSA image demonstrated dilated left ovarian vein with reflux into pelvic varicosities and endovascular coiling of ovarian veins. Ovarian vein coil embolization was performed. The postoperative abdominal radiograph demonstrated coils in-situ in bilateral ovarian veins. The patient had recovered and was free from pain at the time of follow up.

pelvic congestion syndrome

About Author –

Dr. Suresh Giragani, Consultant Neuro & Interventional Radiologist, Yashoda Hospitals - Hyderabad
MD (Radiology), DM (Neuroradiology)

Specialized in the comprehensive and widest range of vascular interventions covering neuro interventions, hepatobiliary interventions, venous, peripheral vascular interventions and interventions in cancer care.

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Dr. Suresh Giragani

MBBS, MD (Radiodiagnosis), DM
Senior Consultant Interventional Radiologist


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