5 Signs that your sweaty palms need more care

5 Signs that your sweaty palms need more care

Has sweating begun to control what you wear? Or are you embarrassed to talk to people because of your soaked clothes? You are not alone in the predicament. In fact, a wide range of options is available to treat it.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition due to which a person sweats excessively. It may cause you to sweat all the time, even if the weather is good and your mood is not bad. While it is not a life-threatening condition, it can severely impair your social life and mental health. If you feel like you are sweating too much without any cause, and it is impacting your life negatively, doctor consultation is recommended. 

Often, people are not even aware that the condition exists (let alone the treatment). Check out the list of 5 signs and symptoms below to confirm your suspicion!

My palms are always wet

If sweat drips off your hands and prevents you from holding or gripping things properly, there is a strong chance that you have hyperhidrosis. If the condition is localized, it is palmar hyperhidrosis. There are effective treatments available to treat it, including VATS sympathectomy for palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. Since dealing with the condition can be embarrassing and even cause psychological trauma, seek treatment if you suspect it.

My feet are clammy or wet

“Slippers and sandals slip off my feet due to the sweat. My feet also feel cold constantly.”

If this describes you, you may have plantar hyperhidrosis. It may cause the soles of your feet may also feel clammy or wet without cause. Take note that excessive sweating can even be in other areas like the armpits or groin. It can also occur all over the body, though this is rarer.

I frequently sweat a lot

If you sweat continuously during your waking hours even if the temperature is low, and the weather is fine, hyperhidrosis is a possibility. Thankfully, unless you suffer from secondary hyperhidrosis, you will not sweat too much while sleeping. Experts are not sure why that is the case, but small victories are good!

My clothes are soaked with sweat

Maybe, you have caught yourself worrying about soaking your clothes with sweat even on normal days. It is also possible that sweating too much is causing you embarrassment in social situations. There are high chances of these incidents to be linked to hyperhidrosis. If you are against jumping to conclusions and not quite certain still, move on to the next point.

Sweating controls my life

Do you make major decisions about your life based on how you sweat? Maybe this involves avoiding social interaction or choosing jobs where physical involvement is minimal. Are these choices made because you are self-conscious or fear being ridiculed? In such cases, it’s probable that hyperhidrosis has begun interfering with your life. Excessive sweating may also cause skin infections. Thus, it is best to consult a doctor. 

Hyperhidrosis is a treatable condition. Surgery has been shown to help in severe cases as well. Be proactive, and do not let hyperhidrosis beat you!

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