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A rare case of liver transplant in a person born with one kidney – Also the 1st liver transplantation in Raipur

Liver transplantation conducted by the expert liver transplantation team of Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad at Balaji Hospitals, Raipur, is a proud moment for us this year. In a small Indian town of Raipur, access to medical care that demands advanced technologies and world-class expertise is a hardship. Our team of internationally renowned liver transplants surgeons and team successfully performed a rare liver transplant procedure.

Mr. Sudama Verma, a 43-year-old male patient, has been suffering from the end-stage liver disease for the past 8 years. He was born with a congenital solitary kidney and was living with the severely deteriorating liver. The patient’s condition was very critical with the condition so rare. After observing the severity of liver damage and the overall health of the patient, doctors advised him to undergo liver transplantation.

Dr. Balachandran Menon, HOD, Liver Transplantation & HPB Surgery, Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad along with Dr. Raghavendra Babu, Dr. G V Premkumar and Dr. Devendra Nayak joined hands in accomplishing the liver transplantation procedure that lasted for over 20 hours. “It is a unique case where a patient with a single kidney by birth had undergone liver transplant successfully,” Dr. Menon said in a press release. This is a rare case of successful liver transplantation in a patient with a solitary kidney. Mr. Verma received a part of liver donated by his 40-year-old wife. The surgery for removal of the donated part of the liver was initiated at 6 am and by 2 am the following night. The donated liver was then transplanted to the donor in a procedure that lasted till 8 pm next day. “It was a challenging task to remove donor liver in the required shape and then transplant it to the recipient.” Dr. Menon added that “The donor’s liver will resume its original shape in 3 to 6 weeks.” Both Mr. Sudama and his wife are doing well and are under observation by the team of doctors.

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