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Patient Testimonial for Intracranial Surgery

Testimonial by Mrs. Surya Lakshmi

Treated For: Internal Bleeding in Brain
Treated by: Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy
Location: Rajahmundry

Severe Headache due to Internal Bleeding cured by Intracranial Surgery by best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy. Patient was suffering from massive headache due to internal brain bleed. Brain surgery was suggested to patient by best neurosurgeon in hyderabad Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy at Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad. Doctor performed successful brain surgery and now patient is not having headache. Patient is very happy with Dr. Ravi Suman reddy at Yashoda Hospitals Somajiguda Hyderabad. Patient Surya Lakshmi thanks Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad and its staff for their best treatment.

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