Patient Testimonial for Management of Liver Cirrhosis

Testimonial by Mr. Tapas Bose

Treatment for: Liver Cirrhosis
Treated by: Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor
Patient location: Kolkata

Liver cirrhosis is a chronic condition that occurs when scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, leading to liver dysfunction. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including excessive alcohol consumption, viral hepatitis, and fatty liver disease.

The management of liver cirrhosis typically involves addressing the underlying cause of the condition, managing symptoms, and preventing complications. Treatment options may include medication to reduce inflammation and prevent further liver damage, lifestyle changes such as reducing alcohol intake, and, in some cases, liver transplantation.

Once the patient is stable and their condition has improved, they may be discharged from the hospital and continue their recovery process at home. This may involve continuing to take medication as prescribed, making dietary changes to support liver function, and attending follow-up appointments.

Mr. Tapas Bose from Kolkata successfully received treatment for Liver Cirrhosis at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, under the supervision of Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor, Consultant Hepatologist.

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