Patient Testimonial for Small Bowel Perforation

Testimonial by Mrs D Nalini

Treatment for: Small Bowel Perforation
Treated by: Dr. Venu Madhav Desagani
Patient location: Vijayawada

A small bowel perforation happens when the gastrointestinal wall loses integrity as a result of the formation of a hole in the intestines. This condition increases the risk of internal bleeding as well as the flow of food and digestive juices into the abdomen.

Temporary surgeries like colostomy and ileostomy are used to treat small bowel perforation. In this procedure, the doctor drains the intestinal components into an external bag via the stoma/hole while allowing the rest of the intestine to recover. To rejoin the intestines and prevent waste from being removed via the stoma, a second surgery is performed.

The patient is monitored closely for another week in the hospital. She will be administered with IV antibiotics to prevent infection. She is instructed not to engage in any vigorous activities. In another two to three weeks, she can resume her regular activities.

Mrs. D Nalini from Vijayawada underwent a Small Bowel Perforation, under the supervision of Dr Venu Madhav Desagani, Honorary/Part Time Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.


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