Patient Testimonial for TB Treatment

Testimonial by Sushma Sangram

Treatment for: Tuberculosis
Treated by: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
Patient location: Hyderabad

A Pleasant experience with Yashoda Hospital.

In 2012, I was suffering with tuberculosis and while my recovery was not as expected, I consulted Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra, at Yashoda Hospital. He has patiently understood my condition and my body’s response to various medicines, and gave me a proper treatment. Thanks to him and the initiative steps he has taken, I completely got rid of the disease.

I need to specially thank him for his professional, friendly nature and his expertise in the field and his proactive response even after 3 years. I recently gave a call to him, as I was suffering with shortness of breath and chest tightness and his response was profound and he has successfully guided me to come out this unwanted symptoms.

Thank you Yashoda Hospitals for such an excellent Consultant.

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