Patient Testimonial for Gold Knee Replacement

Testimonial by Mrs. Latifah Mohammed

Treatment for: Multiple Ligament Injuries
Treated by: Dr. G. Kiran Kumar Reddy
Patient location: Yemen

Multiple ligament injuries in the knee are a complex and serious condition that can result from traumatic events such as falls, car accidents, or sporting activities. Ligaments are strong, fibrous bands of tissue that connect the bones of the knee and help to maintain stability. 

 A gold knee replacement is a surgical procedure performed to replace a damaged knee joint with a metallic implant. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and typically takes 2–3 hours. The surgeon makes an incision in the knee and removes the damaged joint. Then he positions the artificial joint, which is made of gold alloy or cobalt chrome, into the knee joint. The implant is attached to the bones using special screws or cement. Once the implant is securely in place, the incision is closed with sutures or staples.

The recovery period includes physical therapy to restore strength and mobility to the knee, and most patients can expect to resume normal activities within 6–8 weeks after the procedure. Pain and swelling may occur during the recovery period, but it can be managed with over-the-counter medication. 

Mrs. Latifah Mohammed, from Yemen, underwent Gold Knee Replacement, under the supervision of Dr. G. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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