Patient Testimonial for Intensive Care for Premature Baby

Testimonial by Baby of Mrs. Aleti Mounika

Treatment for: Premature Birth
Treated by: Dr. Sindhura Munukuntla
Patient location: Mancherial

Intensive care for premature babies, also known as neonatal intensive care, is specialised medical care for newborn babies who are born before they are fully developed. These babies are often very small and may have a variety of health problems that require close monitoring and treatment.

Babies in neonatal intensive care may be placed in an incubator to help regulate their body temperature and protect them from infection. They may also be connected to a variety of machines and monitors to help keep track of their vital signs, such as their heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels.

Treatment for premature babies in intensive care may include medications to help with breathing, nutrition, and other medical issues. Some babies may also need special procedures or surgery to treat problems such as infections or heart defects.

The length of time that a premature baby will need to stay in intensive care will depend on the baby’s specific medical needs and their rate of development. Some premature babies may only need a few days or weeks of intensive care before they are ready to go home, while others may need several months or more.

Baby of Mrs. Aleti Mounika from Mancherial, underwent Intensive Care as a Premature Baby, under the supervision of Dr. Sindhura Munukuntla, Consultant Paediatrician, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Read to know more: https://www.yashodahospitals.com/diseases-treatments/premature-baby-birth-risks-treatments-care/

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