Patient Testimonial for Knee Replacement Surgery

Testimonial by Mrs. Thanda Pal

Treatment for: Severe Knee Pain and Stiffness
Treated by: Dr. G Veda Prakash
Patient location: Somajiguda

Total Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure where the affected knee joint is replaced with an artificial structure known as the prosthetic implant. The procedure is performed primarily to relieve knee pain and stiffness. This procedure is also sometimes used to treat injuries such as a broken or improperly growing knee, and for other conditions. Mrs. Thanda Pal from Jharkhand was experiencing significant pain in her knees, she had gone through several treatments but nothing helped to cure her pain. At Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad she has gone through Both Knee Surgery under Dr. G Veda Prakash, Consultant Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon. Let’s hear her talk about her journey of treatment at Yashoda Hospitals.

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