Patient Testimonial for Right Lower Limb Tibial Angioplasty

Testimonial by Mr. Christopher

Treatment for: Right Lower Limb Tibial Angioplasty
Treated by: Dr. Bhavin L Ram
Patient location: Uganda

83 year old Mr. Christopher Besweli Kaswabuli from Uganda, started experiencing weakness in his body. After conducting medical investigations, his family doctor suggested that he get further treatment at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

“I came as a sick man, but now I am leaving as healthy as ever. Thanks to the Doctors of Yashoda Hospitals who effectively monitored everything and took really good care of me. Today, I am leaving behind all the bandages wrapped around my leg that refrained my movement and am able to walk without support and even put on shoes all by myself. I have discovered that this is a healing hospital and I promise to recommend other patients to come to Yashoda Hospitals when I go back ” – says Christopher

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