Patient Testimonial for Hip Replacement Surgery

Testimonial by Ms. Elaf Idress Rashdi

Treatment for: Total Hip Replacement
Treated by: Dr. Praveen Mereddy
Patient location: Iraq

Total Hip Replacement, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a procedure where the whole of the joint is replaced with a hip prosthesis. It is a part of comprehensive care that focuses on the management of pain, discomfort, and improvement in movement. Ms. Elaf Idress Rashdi, had a childhood infection in her left hip due to which she lost blood supply to her femoral head. She visited the hospital with a significant shortening of her left lower hip. Dr. Praveen Mereddy, Consultant Joint Replacement and Trauma Surgeon performed a Total Hip Replacement for congenital Hip Dislocation at Yashoda Hospitals Somajiguda which helped her recover.

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