Patient Testimonial for Mechanical thrombectomy

Testimonial by Mr. Shaik Khayamuddin

Treatment for: Mechanical Thrombectomy | Thrombosis
Treated by: Dr. Kandaraju Sai Satish
Patient location: Hyderabad

Mechanical thrombectomy is a type of minimally invasive procedure in which the blood clot is physically removed. Blood clots are a common health issue that require immediate medical attention. A blood clot that blocks or slows blood flow to the brain can lead to stroke. Mr. Shaik Khayamuddin was referred to Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad for thrombosis and was successfully treated under Dr. Suresh Giragani, Consultant Interventional Radiologist and Dr. Kandaraju Sai Satish, Consultant Neurologist & Epileptologist.

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