Speciality: Neurosurgery

  • Mrs. Stella Birungi

    Treated For:ICA Aneurysm
    Treated By:Dr. Rajasekhar Reddy K, Dr. Nikhil H. R
    Location: Uganda

    Endovascular Coiling and Flow Diverter Placement for ICA Aneurysm

    An Internal Carotid Artery (ICA) aneurysm is a bulge or weakening of the wall...

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  • Mr. Mohamed Moriba

    Treated For:PIVD (Slipped Disc)
    Treated By:Dr. Ravi Suman Reddy
    Location: Sierra Leone

    Spine Surgery for PIVD (Slipped Disc)

    PIVD, or Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc, commonly known as a slipped disc,...

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  • Mrs. C. Balamma

    Treated For:Lumbar Canal Stenosis
    Treated By:Dr. G. Krishna Mohan Reddy & Dr. Srinivas Botla
    Location: Karnataka

    Treatment for Lumbar Canal Stenosis & Bilateral Knee Osteoarthritis

    Lumbar canal stenosis occurs when the spinal canal in the lower back narrows,...

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  • Ms. Jyoti Dhakal

    Treated For:Spinal Cord Tumor
    Treated By:Dr. Venugopal G
    Location: Sikkim

    Laminectomy for spinal cord tumor

    Laminectomy is a surgical procedure performed to relieve pressure on the spinal...

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  • Mrs. Rama Devi’s baby

    Treated For:Lipoma & Dural Defect
    Treated By:Dr. B. J. Rajesh
    Location: Hyderabad

    Mrs. Rama Devi’s baby

    A lipoma is one of the most common types of soft tissue tumours, which are...

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