Patient Testimonial for Laryngectomy and Implantation of Voice Prosthesis

Testimonial by Mr. Srikanth Aileni

Treatment for: Laryngectomy and Implantation of Voice Prosthesis
Treated by: Dr. Sachin Marda
Patient location: Jangaon

Laryngeal cancer is a type of cancer that affects the larynx (voice box), an organ located in the neck that plays an important role in breathing and speaking. Symptoms of larynx cancer include a lump in the neck, hoarseness of voice, difficulty and/or pain while swallowing, and persistent soreness in the throat, among others.

Treatment for laryngeal cancer includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Early-stage laryngeal cancer is typically treated with a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, advanced cases necessitate laryngectomy, the surgical removal of the entire larynx.

A voice prosthesis is an artificial device used in conjunction with voice therapy to help restore speech in laryngectomy patients. During the procedure, a tracheo-esophageal puncture is made between the food pipe and the windpipe, and the artificial larynx is placed in this opening, allowing speech by producing a voice sound known as tracheo-esophageal speech. The voice prosthesis can be implanted either directly through the tracheostoma (anterograde) or through the mouth and throat (retrograde) with the aid of a guide wire.

Mr. Srikanth Aileni from Jangaon successfully underwent Laryngectomy and Implantation of a Voice Prosthesis at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, under the supervision of Dr. Sachin Marda, Senior Consultant Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon (Cancer Specialist).

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