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Yashoda Hospitals accomplishes first-ever liver transplantation in NE with Downtown Hospital, Guwahati

First ever liver transplantation has been successfully accomplished in the NE India by Yashoda Hospitals in association with Downtown Hospital.  The surgery, which took ten hours, was conducted on September 14 at Down Town Hospital. The transplant team was led by Dr P Balachandran Menon, chief liver transplant surgeon of Yashoda Hospitals, along with Dr Pranjal Deka, liver transplant surgeon of Down Town Hospital. 

Joydev Das (56), who hails from Goalpara and is working in the social welfare department, was the patient and transplant recipient. He had been suffering from chronic liver disease (CLD) for the past two years. His wife, Ranju Das (44), donated a part of her liver. Joydev Das, the recipient, who is also associated with various local football clubs of lower Assam.

Dr G S Rao, Managing Director of Yashoda Group of Hospitals, said that over two lakh people lose their lives every year in India due to liver diseases. “One out of every five Indian suffers from liver problems. The most common causes of liver failure are chronic alcoholism, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, obesity-related liver diseases, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, diabetes, etc. In North East India, more than 15,000 people die of liver diseases every year. About 2,000 people need liver transplantation every year in this region. Very few of these people get liver transplant and that too by travelling long distances to unknown places. In order to help the local patients here, Yashoda Hospitals and Down Town Hospital have joined hands to provide the most advanced liver transplant surgeries in this region with an existing world-class liver transplant centre at Down Town Hospital,” said Dr Rao.

The recipient, Joydev Das, expressed his gratitude to the team of doctors from both the hospitals who performed the transplant and also thanked his wife who acted as the donor. “I am alive today only due to my wife and due to the effort of the team of doctors from both the hospitals,” he said.

Ranju Das said that she never hesitated even once to act as the donor. “Today I am very happy. My advice to everyone is that there is no need to be apprehensive of becoming a donor,” said Ranju, who is also the mother of two kids, a girl studying in Class XI and a boy in Class VI.

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