Every summer, Yashoda Hospitals provides all young and aspiring doctors with the opportunity to work alongside some of the best doctors in town and experience what it is really like to be in this profession. 

More than 100 students who enrolled in the Young Doctors’ Camp are currently pursuing medicine in India and abroad, with a few of them practicing medicine in Yashoda Hospitals itself. It feels elated and rewarded to see our noble contribution to a student’s career growth and development journey, and we are honoured to be a part of their success.

The camp so far has received overwhelming responses from students who were selected based on their strong interest in gaining knowledge about medical professions.

Recently, we concluded the 10th anniversary of YDC at Yashoda Hospitals, which witnessed the participation of around 200 students (young aspiring doctors) from various schools. However, due to the overwhelming response from students not only in our state but throughout the country, we were unable to accommodate all applications. As a result, Yashoda Hospital has decided to launch the YDC and reach out to you all across borders.

About Young Doctor’s Camp

Yashoda Hospitals wants to recreate an almost similar experience through Young Doctors Camp 2024, with hours of guided content by expert doctors and healthcare providers about the various departments and day-to-day operations of the hospital.

The camp will have live Q&A sessions with renowned doctors from different fields who will answer all the medical-related questions and assist the students in learning every aspect of doctoring and hospital life.

Objective of the Program

The objective of the YDC is to enable bright young students to interact with our renowned doctors and help them gain a better understanding of the benefits, challenges, and excitement of being a doctor, allowing them to make the best career choice for themselves.

Students entering the 10th grade are at a crossroads, constantly at odds with their parents about their future careers. Science or math, a degree in the arts or commerce, and the larger question of work-for-passion vs. work-for-money are difficult choices for children in today’s world.

Though parental pressure, peer pressure, and social commitments are frequently deciding factors in carving out the future, the student’s aspirations and aptitude should be considered as well. The ideal situation is to guide them so that they can live a successful life while honoring their inherent abilities and interests.

Doctor as a profession

Medicine is a prestigious profession. However, it is not just a job in the traditional sense. It is a calling, a commitment to serve society and care for the vulnerable. With a severe shortage of doctors in India, those with an aptitude for biology and chemistry, as well as a tenacity for long years of study and a heart for care and cure, should consider a career in medicine. The sudden surge in medical tourism has made medicine an even more rewarding and demanding profession, with seemingly limitless possibilities.

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