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YDC is a novel initiative by Yashoda Hospitals to motivate young minds in taking up the noble profession of being a doctor. Over the last few years of the Young Doctors’ Camp, it received warm response from the students of the schools that tied up with Yashoda in making the endeavor an overwhelming success. Students from various schools are selected on the basis of both academic excellence and enthusiasm, as demonstrated in a short video that truly reflects their strong passion to learn and understand the medical profession in a live hospital ambiance. Students from various financial and cultural backgrounds joined the free-camp with a single hearted intention towards feeling the real pulse of the hospital life. More than 100 students that enrolled in the Young Doctors’ Camp are currently studying medicine in India and abroad. Some were there out of sheer curiosity, others out of parental influence as well as a few ambitious ones who wanted to see and experience the future for themselves.

Young Doctor’s Camp provides all students with a unique opportunity to work alongside the best doctors in town in a superior hospital setting. The 2024 camp will enroll up to 200 students in order to encourage bright young students to pursue careers as doctors by providing them with a clear understanding of the hospital environment and the life of a doctor. The camp will provide students with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collaborate with some of the best doctors in town in a world-class hospital setting. It will give them a better understanding of the benefits, challenges, and excitement of becoming a doctor, allowing them to make the best career decision possible. There are only 200 seats available in the 2024 intake, so interested students should enroll as soon as possible.

At the YDC, students will be exposed to the various shades of the medical profession. The mental cool required in handling a trauma victim or counseling a cancer patient requires years of self discipline and relentless patience. The students will understand that a doctor’s life is not only about social status and money but it is a taxing job requiring tremendous hard work and dedication. One must be updated about the latest medical developments to give the best treatment to the patients and work under grueling stress as any slip or negligence can claim lives of patients who have trusted and surrendered themselves in his hands. Sympathy and empathy are the two essential character traits of a doctor. These are some of the rare lessons learnt and imbibed at the camp that no theory books can teach an aspiring doctor.

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