Eligibility: B.sc (Life sciences)
Duration: 2 years

Advanced PG Diploma

Healthcare technologists (paramedical experts) are in great demand in India and abroad .They play a very important role in helping the doctor make an accurate diagnosis for treatment, cure and care of patients .More often that not, their role is both diagnostic and therapeutic. Healthcare technologists can advance to supervisory or management position in pathology labs and hospitals .They can also work as laboratory managers, consultants, or supervisors in health care administration. The advanced post graduate diploma courses in health care  consisting of four semesters with theory and practical training and theory exams in first and second semesters only and practical examinations in the third and fourth semesters without any internship. These courses are recognized by Osmania University .Ample opportunities including in house job placements await our students on completion of these courses.

The different Advanced PG Diploma Courses offered are

Operation Theatre Technology:-

If the operation theatre is the backbone of the hospital, the O.T technician is the backbone of the operation theatre .Therefore the requirement of a qualified & an experienced O.T technician always exists in all the top hospitals & nursing homes. The OT cannot run in a proper manner without the qualified O.T technician.

Echocardiography and Ultrasonography:- 

It is one of the specializations for an Ultrasound technician, professionals in this field use sound wave projectors to project sound into human tissue in a conical or rectangular beam. Echo technicians may specialize in adult echocardiography and Ultrasonography. Due to the technical skills required, there is a big demand for these professionals.

Physician Assistant:-

Physician Assistants (PA) examine, diagnose and treat patients under the supervision of a licensed physician. Some PAs specialize in a particular area of medicine, Such as emergency care or geriatrics and can assist doctors in advanced medical techniques and procedures. The nature of the profession has lead to an increase in the opportunities available for physician’s assistants.

Emergency Medical Care:-

EMTs are the important medical personnel of  the hospital emergency medical team who treat in the areas like EMDS & ICUS, They also work in the hospital in all critical care units where seriously ill patients are treated. They work as the first responders to a pre hospital emergency scene, EMTs are responsible for initially assessing, treating and transporting patients to a medical facility. EMTs typically operate as part of a team in conjunction with firefighters and police dispatched to the scene of an accident or incident .EMTs must be prepared to respond to a wide range of emergencies, spanning automobile accidents, violent crimes, seizures, childbirths, strokes, heart attacks, drug over doses and poisonings Intermediate- level EMTs may additionally, depending on state, make advanced assessments, perform defibrillations and apply sophisticated airway management techniques. The demand for trained emergency medical care professional is on the rise resulting in plenty of available opportunities at many hospitals.

Anesthesia Technology:- 

Anesthesia technicians support anesthesiologists, and other members of anesthesia care teams. Their main duty is maintaining anesthesia equipment and their job involves sterilize, test, calibrate and troubleshoot anesthesia equipment, as well as keeping records of equipment inspections. More advanced duties might include operating equipment, such as electronic and pneumatic devices, that monitors patients who are under anesthesia and assist all anesthesia procedures. Every hospital will have operation theatre with surgical & anesthesia team backup. So for these technicians job opportunities are huge.

Respiratory Therapy Technology:-

Respiratory therapists assist the pulmonologists in diagnostic & therapeutic procedures. They perform chest physical examinations to analye breath, tissue and blood specimens to determine the kind of therapy required for the given condition and managing ventilators and artificial airway devices for patients who cannot breathe normally on their own. with their important major role in rrespiratory rehabilitation programmes, there is lot of demand for them in top hospitals.

Dialysis Technology:-

Dialysis Technician work primarily on out patient dialysis units to perform their job. Technicians must fully understand the dialysis equipment. the basic theory of dialysis ,the design of the machine and exactly how it works. Technician duties require techniques to get the dialyzer (artifical kidney) and delivery system ready, monitor air equipment while in use and do the necessary equipment maintenance after the treatment .They perform Dialysis procedure to both Outpatients and inpatients in hospital setups as per the Nephrologists’ advice. There is lot of demand for these technicians in local as well as global healthcare industry.

Medical Imaging Technology:-

The Medical Imaging Technologist operates and maintains imaging machines like MRI, CT Scan, Nuclear scan, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Spectroscopy, 2D Echo , etc. and assists the radiologist in the various imaging procedures. As the use of these sophisticated imaging tools is ever increasing, the role of the imaging technologist is also growing with huge job opportunities in the health care industry.

Cath Lab Technology:- 

Cath lab Technicians assist Cardiologists with cardiac catheterization procedures in a cath lab and operate cath lab machine during cath procedures. The Catheterization procedure can determine whether a blockage exists in the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart muscle. Job opportunities are plenty for these technicians as the cath lab equipped hospitals are increasing.

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