What is a Root Canal and do you need it?

Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal is used to treat infection/decay at the center of the tooth.

When a tooth gets decayed or infected badly enough for the damage to reach the pulp of the tooth, a Root Canal is performed. The procedure involves removing the damaged pulp in the tooth and cleaning the surrounding area and sealing it off.

A root canal is recommended by a dentist or an endodontist based on the damage/ decay as assessed after an X-Ray. It is normally done in one or two sittings, as decided by the dentist doing the procedure.

The first step during a Root canal is to make the procedure pain free with local anesthetics. The decayed part of the tooth is then removed and cleaned and an artificial material is filled in the place of the removed pulp. Once the filing is done, it is sealed off with cement and a crown is then places to finish the procedure. 

The success rate of Root Canals are high and the teeth that they use for implants in order to restore the tooth looks rather natural making it hard to tell that the procedure was done at all. Until the crown/implant is in place though, which in some cases is done at a different sitting, chewing on that side of the mouth is not recommended. This is to essentially prevent re-contamination of the tooth.

Soon after a Root Canal though, the first few days, the tooth in question may be sensitive due to the inflammation that is a result of the procedure. This pain and discomfort can be controlled with pain medication that is often prescribed by the dentists themselves. 

The two major causes of Root Canals are tooth decay and trauma, taking active care to stay away from the both causes is the best way to prevent having a Root Canal. Taking good care of your teeth and getting them cleaned at regular intervals is a good place to start. If you play a lot of contact sports or are prone to injuries in the face, wearing a mouth guard is also recommended. Root Canal is used to treat infection

Tips for care after a Root Canal

A tooth that has been treated, post a Root Canal functions exactly like a regular tooth, but it is very important to practice good oral hygiene to ensure that they last as long as your other teeth. Here are a few tips that can help you take better care of your teeth:

  • Brush twice every day. Good oral hygiene will prevent you from having problems in the future.
  • Don’t chew food that is too hard (including ice), because there is always a chance that it will damage your teeth, caps or even the roots.
  • Don’t skip your dentist visits. As reluctantly as it may be, ensure that you get your teeth checked regularly at the dentist and cleaned when required.

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