Mittelschmerz abdominal pain

A type of pelvic pain experienced by some women during ovulation, when egg is released from ovaries
Mittelschmerz is one-sided pain in the lower abdomen region. It occurs in women about 14 days before the next menstrual cycle. In most cases, Mittelschmerz may not require immediate medical attention. Medications for pain relief and home remedies form the course of treatment.


The exact causes of Mittelschmerz are not known. Possible reasons for the occurrence of Mittelschmerz in some women – before the egg is released follicle growth stretch the surface of the ovary to cause pain; blood flows from the raptured follicle which irritates the lining of the abdomen. Mittelschmerz is different to menstrual cramping or dysmenorrhea.

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Mittelschmerz is marked by pain at one side of the abdomen, cramps, sharp and sudden pain, and mild to severe vaginal bleeding. If the symptoms persist for long, it is better to consult a gynaec specialist. This becomes all the more crucial if abdominal pain leads to a more serious condition like appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or an ectopic pregnancy.


There are no major risks or complications of Mittelschmerz, as it is not a disease but only a condition that helps women to know about the time of menstrual cycle when the egg is released.

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The gynaec specialist may question about the possible symptoms. To confirm Mittelschmerz, the doctor may advise for abdominal ultrasound or transvaginal pelvic ultrasound. These tests may help the doctor to know about other conditions such as ovarian or pelvic pain.


The regular treatment for Mittelschmerz includes pain relievers and birth control pills. Pain relievers help in easing cramps and abdominal pain. As the birth control pills prevent ovulation, taking them helps to avoid ovulation pain.

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