Heart Attacks are Becoming Common in Indian Youth

As a result of the changing lifestyle, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, say cases of heart attacks are being reported at least a decade and half before the typical high risk age. In India, the age of people at risk of getting heart attack is anywhere between 25 years and 35 years.

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Heart Diseases and Cardiac Arrest in Women

Heart diseases still stand tall as the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Usually, because of poor or late diagnosis and choices of treatment, heart diseases are not effectively managed in India. The warning signs may vary person to person. While men experience chest pain and discomfort as major warning signs, women experience certain symptoms that are not related to heart.

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5 Major Heart Diseases, Causes, Symptoms and Risk factors

Types of Heart Diseases: Heart is not just a biological organ that pumps blood to various parts of the body but it is also associated with numerous feelings and emotions. Be it excitement, anxiety, happiness, grief or sadness, Heart reacts, responds and reciprocate every such emotion. This is exactly why Heart is considered as mirror that reflects whole body activities and tasks.

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Can the risk of Heart Attacks be minimized by exercise?

It‰'s time to change from your sedentary lifestyle to exercise and activity filled life.Bhaskar is a successful professional. He earned high recognition from his employers by hard work and successful project completion. He worked in shifts and odd hours, and for that...

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