Risk of Heart Diseases in Youngsters

How a lifestyle change is making youngsters vulnerable to heart attacks? When Arun complained of chest pain and vomited food at the New Year party his colleagues responded quickly and took him to the nearest hospital for consultation. Arun's colleagues were shocked to...

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Hypertensive Heart Disease or High blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common heart condition which features high pressure of the blood on artery walls. Blood pressure in the arteries is determined by two factors, the amount of blood the heart pumps, and the amount of resistance in the arteries....

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All you need to know about Heart Valve Diseases

What are heart valve diseases? Heart valve disease is a condition wherein one or more of the heart valves are working as expected. The human heart has four valves which open and shut in sync with the heart’s rhythm. Heart Valves play a very important role in ensuring...

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