Molnupiravir: The Miraculous Drug to Treat Covid-19

What is Molnupiravir?  Molnupiravir drug is an orally effective prodrug of the manufactured nucleoside evolved N4-hydroxycytidine. It prompts errors in the viral RNA grouping, stopping the viral replication, lessening the contamination, and restricting...

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Mucormycosis: Black Fungus Disease Post Covid-19 Alert

An Increased surge of Mucormycosis disease also known as ‘Black Fungus’ has been found in patients with COVID-19. The disease starts from the nose and sinus, then quickly spreads to the eyes and the brain. On an average, 50 percent of patients may not even survive despite being provided with the best treatment possible, if the fungus spreads to the brain and then there is hardly any chance for the patient to survive.

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