Patient Testimonial for COVID-19 Home Quarantine Treatment & Monitoring

Testimonial by Mr. Kiran Jain

Treatment for: COVID-19
Treated by: Dr. Vighnesh Naidu Y
Patient location: Uppal

Dear Sir (Dr Vighnesh) & team,

I and my entire family would feel like to swarm around you and pour out our gratitude in person for your timely invaluable help in the times of dire straits.

Palpably, your opinion and the home quarantine Package is valued — at the crucial juncture of this entire episode, you did not appear to us as a mere doctor expressing an opinion but a judge pronouncing his verdict. Now, the state of both my health and mind are extremely good as I could sense that I have recovered fully. You made me reinstate my faith in the benign providence for having established the fact that humanity prevails among the people even to this day!

I once again state that I am indebted to you, Ms Glory and Ms Vaishali for your timely help and advice which comes from you as the outcome of your vast experience. Please extend my message to your team as well. Finally, please excuse me for the brevity in expressing my gratitude for words fail to describe the same!

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