Patient Testimonial for Operated for Stomach Cancer

Testimonial by R. C. Kandali

Treatment for: Stomach Tumor Removal
Treated by: Dr. Sachin Marda
Patient location: Guwahati, India

I am above 70 years of age and a retired bank employee. Since childhood, I had a cyst attached to my ear which sometimes made me feel uneasy. I approached a surgeon at Guwahati to get the cyst removed. Prior to the procedure, I was asked to undergo multiple health checkups including endoscopy and colonoscopy tests. The reports revealed a small tumor in the lower curvature of my stomach. A CT Scan and Biopsy confirmed the nature of the tumor to be cancerous. I made up my mind to face it courageously so that I could regain my normal life back. Without any further delay, my son and I started our research for an experienced oncology surgeon who had the latest expertise including robotic surgery.

My search yielded results. We found Yashoda Multispeciality Hospital in Hyderabad on Google search since it ranked as the best in India. We consulted Dr. Sachin Subhas Marda, a surgical oncologist and robotic surgeon experienced in robotic surgery for appointment on 22nd June 2019. He examined all my Guwahati reports and told me that surgery is the only curative process since the tumor was in a very early stage. He guided that in my case, laparoscopic surgery or robotic surgery might not be advisable and instead advised various pathological and radiological tests. Soon we met Dr.Marda with all the reports and he advised me to get admitted on 26th and fixed 27th June, 2019, as my operation date. The hospital has a well-equipped oncology department. The long seven hours surgery was completed by a team of doctors headed by Dr.Sachin Subhash Marda. He informed me that 50% of my stomach was removed and the remaining portion of the stomach was attached by a bypass with the intestine. After four nights filled with pain at the hospital, I was discharged with two pipes attached to my repaired stomach including the nasal feeding pipe. I regularly visited the hospital for my post-operative check-up. In July 2019, with Dr. Marda’s  consent and taking necessary safety precautions, I finally returned back to Guwahati. I felt as though my life just got extended. Hats off to Doctor Sachin Subhas Marda and his team of doctors, the nursing staff, staff of Yashoda Hospital, associated with my treatment to provide me with a comfortable stay at Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad. I am confident that I am now in the right place in the wheel of my life. Waiting for my third and yearly check-up due in June 2020.

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