Patient Testimonial for Scapula Fracture Surgery

Testimonial by Mr. Maheswar Reddy

Treatment for: Scapula Fracture
Treated by: Dr. Balasubramoniam. K. R & Dr. Syed Yaser Quadri
Patient location: Secunderabad

The shoulder blade (scapula) is a triangular-shaped bone that is protected by a complex system of surrounding muscles. Scapula fractures usually do not require surgery and can be managed effectively with closed treatment. Surgery is only required when a fracture displaces bones, forcing them out of their normal positions. Mr. Maheswar Reddy met with an accident causing him polytrauma, Multiple Rib injuries, and Bilateral Scapula Fractures also known as Shoulder Blade. Due to the rare severity of the fracture, Dr. Syed Yaser Quadri, Associate Consultant Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, and Dr. Balasubramoniam. K. R, Consultant Minimally Invasive and Robotic Thoracic Surgeon decided to go with the operative treatment. Mr. Mahendar was able to move his shoulder and made successful progress within a span of 10 days.

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