Patient Testimonial for Gibbectomy

Testimonial by Mr. Kalepa Ernest

Treatment for: Spinal Kyphosis
Treated by: Dr. Vamsi Krishna Varma Penumatsa
Patient location: Zambia

Kyphosis is an upper back protrusion caused by spinal deformity or wedging of the spinal bone over time.

Spinal kyphosis has been said to be treated by a procedure called a gibbectomy, also known as a kyphectomy. It is most typically done in the thoracic spine. During this operation to cure kyphosis, the surgeon aims to decompress the neural tissue. The chosen surgical method and technique are determined by the curve’s flexibility.

Multiple vertebrae are fused together during a procedure known as spinal fusion in order to start the development of a single bone. Inserting metal rods, screws, and plates into the spine to stabilise it and speed up the fusing of bone grafts is another surgical technique for this problem. It also reduces the curvature of the upper back.

After the procedure, the patient may remain in the hospital for up to a week under observation. A back brace is advised by the doctor to support the spine while it recovers. After 4 to 6 weeks, the patient can go back to his daily routine. In about a year, he will be fully recovered.

Mr. Kalepa Ernest from Zambia, underwent Gibbectomy for Kyphosis with the Neurological Deficit, under the supervision of Dr. Vamsi Krishna Varma Penumatsa , Senior Consultant Spine Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Read to know more: https://www.yashodahospitals.com/diseases-treatments/kyphosis-of-the-spine-causes/

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