Patient Testimonial for COVID-19 Home Quarantine Treatment & Monitoring

Testimonial by Mrs. Jaya Laxmi

Treatment for: COVID-19
Treated by: Dr. Kiranmai
Patient location: Habsiguda

I am a senior of 65 years affected by Bronchitis infection and also with Covid. I was in Yashoda Secunderabad for a week for my lung infection and Covid treatment. I was discharged since I was advised to get home isolated for atleast 2 weeks. When I took the package for Home isolation, the Physican Doctor who was assigned along with the rest of the team treated me very well for the entire period. They have taken care considering my complications with BP and severe gastric issues very effectively by taking complete ownership. When we are sick, we expect a word of concern, needless to say the kind gestures shown to me is much appreciated and commendable. Heartful thanks along with gratitude is what I can say for the entire team, from the doctors to the nurses during this pandemic situation that the world is facing.

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