Patient Testimonial for Intra - Articular Osteotomy

Testimonial by Mr. K. Ranjith

Treatment for: Intra - Articular Osteotomy for Knee Instability
Treated by: Dr. Sukesh Rao Sankineani
Patient location: Hyderabad

Osteotomy is a surgical procedure that entails dividing a bone at a specific location to create an “artificial fracture” and then repositioning it. Mr. Ranjith came to Yashoda Hospitals with complaints of left knee instability; upon further examination, it was discovered that he had a lateral meniscus tear as well as varus sensitivity of the knee joint. On further investigation, Dr. Sukesh Rao Sankineani, Consultant in Shoulder Surgery, Arthroscopy, Cartilage Restoration, and Joint Replacement discovered that Ranjith had a genetic disorder called spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia, which causes deformity in the hips and knees. Mr. Ranjith walked out happy and healthy after Dr. Sukesh Rao Sakineani successfully operated on him with Intra-articular Corrective Osteotomy.

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