Patient Testimonial for Surgical Management of Ameloblastoma

Testimonial by Mr. Abdikadir Jama Ali

Treatment for: Mandibular Ameloblastoma
Treated by: Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli, Dr. P. Prakash
Patient location: Somalia

Mandibular ameloblastoma is a type of benign (non-cancerous) tumor that typically develops in the jawbone, specifically the lower jaw (mandible). The exact cause is unknown and the symptoms may include swelling or a mass in the jaw, pain, difficulty chewing or swallowing, loose teeth, and changes in the alignment of teeth. Diagnosis involves imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans, as well as a biopsy to examine tissue samples under a microscope. Treatment typically involves surgical removal of the tumor, although other treatments such as radiation therapy may be used in some cases.

Surgical management involves removing the tumor from the jawbone while preserving as much healthy tissue and jaw function as possible. After the tumor is removed, the jawbone may be reconstructed using bone grafts or other techniques to restore its shape and function. Recovery from surgery may take several weeks, and patients may require pain medication and follow-up appointments with their healthcare provider to monitor healing and ensure the best possible outcome. Overall, surgical management of mandibular ameloblastoma aims to remove the tumor and restore normal jaw function, allowing patients to resume their daily activities with improved oral health and quality of life.

Mr. Abdikadir Jama Ali from Somalia successfully underwent surgery for Mandibular Ameloblastoma at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, under the supervision of Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli, Clinical Director-Surgical Oncology, Sr. Consultant Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgical Oncology and Dr. P. Prakash, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.


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