Patient Testimonial for Kyphosis Correction and Posterior Stabilisation

Testimonial by Miss Halima Babekir Idris Mohammed

Treatment for: Kyphosis Correction and Posterior Stabilisation
Treated by: Dr. Vamsi Krishna Varma
Patient location: Sudan

Kyphosis surgery is a posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation in which the surgeon uses metal rods and screws to hold the spinal bones in place. Compression fractures are typically treated non-surgically. The surgery itself takes four to five hours, with a three to a four-day hospital stay.

Surgery can help if kyphosis causes severe pain or other symptoms that interfere with your life. A surgical procedure can be used to reduce the curvature and alleviate symptoms. Even after trying nonsurgical treatment, healthcare providers recommend spine surgery for people with Congenital kyphosis, Scheuermann’s kyphosis with a curve of more than 75 degrees, or severe back pain.

Even after treatment, kyphosis can return. As a result, it is recommended that you stay healthy and strong and consult your doctor about ways to prevent kyphosis from returning. Miss Halima Babekir Idris Mohammed from Sudan underwent kyphosis correction and posterior stabilization at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, under the supervision of Dr. Vamsi Krishna Varma P, Sr. Consultant Spine Surgery.

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