Patient Testimonial for Bilateral Hip Fracture Surgery

Testimonial by Mr. Avula Rangaiah

Treatment for: Bilateral Hip Fracture Surgery
Treated by: Dr. Dasaradha Rama Reddy Tetali
Patient location: Hyderabad

Hip fractures typically happen when the hip joint receives a violent blow from a fall or another external force, breaking the top part of the thigh bone close to the hip joint. The elderly, whose bones have been compromised by osteoporosis, are particularly susceptible to it.

The patient was afflicted with a number of issues, including renal, heart, lung, and stroke concerns. With such underlying diseases, selecting a reasonable course of treatment was exceedingly challenging. The doctor made the decision to combine quick surgical repair, physical therapy, and medicine to control pain and avoid blood clots and infection. In order to keep the bone together while the fracture heals, metal screws are placed inside of it. A metal plate that extends down the femur is sometimes fastened with screws (thigh bone).

The patient was monitored in the ICCU(Intensive Coronary Care Unit) for two days. He was thoroughly informed about the aftercare. He was prescribed medication relieve pain and prevent blood clots. He can expect a complete recovery in two to four weeks.

Mr. Avula Rangaiah from Hyderabad, underwent a Bilateral Hip Fracture Surgery, under the supervision of Dr. Dasaradha Rama Reddy Tetali, HOD & Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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