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  • Advanced Laparoscopic procedures
  • 100-watt laser treatment for prostate & kidney stones


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Urology Facilities & Technology

Our Centre acquired the most recent 100 Watt Laser technology which is used for bloodless prostrate surgeries for all types of stone diseases irrespective of their size and hardness. Our facilities also include world acclaimed IITV with DSA facility, world-class lithotripter with both sonographic and fluoroscopic localization to treat all kinds of urinary stones at most economical rates. The Centre’ s Urodynamic facility includes state-of-the-art Urodynamics Laboratory for investigative procedures such as Uroflometry, Cystometry, EMG, Pressure flow study and Video Urodynamics. The Centre also has department of Reconstructive Urology, Uro-oncology and Pediatric Urology, including impotence and Andrology clinic, Urinary incontinence clinic and Urolithiasis management and prevention clinic.