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Yashoda Hospitals’ Centre for Nephrology & Urology has expertise in renal biopsies, renal angiography and angioplasty, hemodialysis, special forms of dialysis like continuous renal replacement therapy for acutely sick renal failure patients, endoscopic treatment of prostatic diseases (Holmium Laser therapy), complete one stop solution for renal stone disease (including intrarenal surgery) and various laparoscopic renal surgeries.

Significantly, the Centre has state-of-art equipment and facilities for hemodialysis, kidney transplant and post-transplant renal intensive care.

The facility of online hemodiafiltration is one of its kind in Hyderabad which offers efficient and safe dialysis for septic patients.

Besides hemodialysis the centre has the facilities to offer peritoneal dialysis both acute and chronic. It has the equipment and infrastructure to offer automated peritoneal dialysis to both chronic end stage kidney disease and acute renal failure patients admitted in the ICUs.

It has the infrastructure to offer sequential renal replacement therapy with Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in cardiac surgery patients including cardiac transplants.

It also offers hemoperfusion for poisoning and septic shock patients.

The centre also has the expertise of offering plasmapheresis as a treatment for various renal and non renal (vasculitis, myasthenia gravis etc) indications.

The Centre for Nephrology & Urology brings together the experience and expertise of qualified and experienced nephrologists and urologists in the country to ensure the best possible treatment and care for the patients. Given our vast experience with kidney dialysis and transplants, we ensure that our kidney transplant procedures assure smooth, efficient and reliable service.

The Kidney transplants done at the Centre for Nephrology & Urology achieve for each patient higher quality and longevity of life. This becomes all the more crucial for many patients that have end-stage kidney disease or kidney failure. Yashoda Hospitals' Centre for Nephrology & Urology has successfully conducted over 1000 transplants over the years.

Besides taking care of adult patient with kidney diseases , the centre has the expertise to handle all types of renal illnessess in children of all ages.

It has a well equipped pediatric and neonatal ICU . Also the centre has the expertise to offer renal biopsies and dialysis to neonates also.