Best Neonatology Treatment Hospital in Hyderabad

At Yashoda Hospitals, we strive to offer the best care and treatment to children suffering from acute or chronic conditions. We understand what a parent must go through to see their children suffer such pain and therefore, our team is always there to provide emotional assistance and counseling to the grieving parents along with ensuring that they provide the right surgical care to the children. This simple and empathetic approach makes us one of the best children’s hospitals in Hyderabad.

The Pediatric Surgery Department provides various treatments such as: 

Appendectomy: An appendectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove the appendix when it is infected or causes discomfort to the child. The condition is known as appendicitis. Laparoscopic Appendectomy is a very common emergency surgery. If not diagnosed and treated timely children will land up in complications like perforative peritonitis and appendicular abscess 

Choledochal cyst is a congenital dilation of biliary ducts. Early Identification and timely intervention are important for avoiding long term complications

Biliary Atresia: This is a gastrointestinal disorder that causes the biliary system to be absent or remain closed. Kasai procedure, a surgical method to help re-establish bile flow from the liver to the intestine is done to treat the condition. 

Various pediatric cancer treatments: Cancer is now prevalent in children too. At Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad, nearly all types of cancers in children are treated. 

Congenital defects: Birth defects may result in disabilities that may alter the physical, intellectual or developmental growth of the child. Some defects may also be life-threatening. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to fix those defects and it is done with impeccable precision and utmost care here at Yashoda Hospitals’ Pediatric Surgery Department.  

Gallbladder surgery: Gallbladder surgery removes the gallbladder and gallstones that cause discomfort, through small incisions in the abdomen. 

Other treatment procedures offered by Yashoda Hospitals’ Pediatric Surgery department include: 

Removal of the spleen, bariatric surgery, removal of diseased intestines, hernia, hydrocele surgery, GERD treatment, trauma care, gastroschisis treatment, congenital lung cysts treatment, and more.

All of these treatments are performed by highly skilled and trained surgeons who ensure that they take into consideration every single detail of the child’s health to provide the best possible treatments with the most successful results. Such precision when clubbed with the wide range of treatments that we offer makes us one of the most trusted children’s hospitals in Hyderabad.


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      What are general surgery procedures?

      General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses mainly on the abdominal contents that include the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts. It very often also includes the thyroid gland. 

      How do you do pediatric surgery?

      Pediatric surgeons are highly skilled professionals who undergo years of training to understand the needs of a child and treat their health requirements. Depending on the type of the surgery and the health conditions of the child the surgical procedure is designed.

      What are the 10 most painful surgeries?

      Pain cannot be measured on a scale. What can be unbearable pain for you, may barely faze another person. Depending on your threshold of pain, the list of painful surgeries may vary. However, some of the most painful surgeries include gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy), liposuction, bone marrow donation, total hip replacement, abdominal hysterectomy, hemorrhoid surgery, spinal fusion, tonsillectomy, ACL surgery and appendectomy.

      What is the most serious pediatric surgery?

      Depending on the current health condition of the child, the seriousness of the surgery varies. However, some of the most serious pediatric surgeries include removal of brain tumors, correction of bone malformations, heart surgeries, organ transplants and oncology treatments.

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