Advanced Technology for Pediatric Surgeries in Hyderabad

Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad is regarded as one of the best children’s hospitals in Hyderabad, especially in the regions of Somajiguda, Secunderabad and Malakpet. The Department of Pediatric Surgery is extremely efficient and well equipped with high-tech machinery, experienced surgeons, and a highly trained support staff.  

Technologies and facilities available at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad include: 

PICU- Pediatric ICU: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or the PICU is where critically ill children receive care and treatment. 

 The Pediatric Surgical Care Unit is with PICU and is a specialized unit wherein patients undergoing complex surgeries are provided care. This unit provides preoperative and postoperative care along with post-trauma injury management.

NICU-Neonatal ICU: This is a specialized ICU that is designed to take care of ill new norms and premature new born babies

PICU-Pediatrics ICU: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit or the PICU is a dedicated section of the hospital that is designed to provide the highest level of medical care to unwell children. 

CICU-Cardiac ICU: As the name suggests, Cardiac ICU or CICU is a specialized unit that tends to the needs of children with cardiac ailments and those who need extreme attention and care. 

CTICU-Cardio Thoracic ICU: CTICU or Cardio Thoracic ICU is a well-designed unit specifically made to ensure that children post-cardiac and thoracic surgery are taken care of well.

Newborn Screening: Newborn screening is essential to ensure that babies are born healthy and without any health ailments. It also helps in detecting any health issues so that the treatment can be done on time. 

Children’s Emergency Services: Children’s emergency services include providing instant medical care and assistance to ill children.

Pediatric Emergency Transport Service: When a child requires certain subspecialty care, or specialized imaging, equipment or procedures that are unavailable at the hospital and transferring the child to a tertiary care facility is essential, pediatric emergency transport services help during such transfers.

Ventilator Care: Ventilator is a life support system that provides oxygen to the patient when they are unable to breathe. It is generally used in extreme conditions when the health of the patient is extremely vulnerable.


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      What is newborn screening and when is newborn screening done?

      Newborn screening is a screening process in which doctors look for signs of any health or developmental ailments in newborns, in order to treat any existing conditions on time to ensure the good health of the baby. The screening process is done shortly after birth, generally 48 hours after birth. However, it can be done anytime between the first 13 days of birth.

      How long are you considered pediatric?

      Children from birth up to the last year of their teens or up to the age of 18 are considered to be pediatric.

      What does a neonatal unit do?

      The neonatal unit is specially designed to take care of newborn babies, especially those with birth deformities, some health issues, or those born prematurely.

      What is the purpose of a NICU?

      NICU or Newborn Intensive Care Unit is a specially equipped nursery designed to tend to the health needs of newborns. Sick babies or premature babies are given special care in this unit.

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